Canada called, and it wants its weather back!

We woke up today in the Bluegrass to what felt like winter, at least for us.  What happened?  Even though the weatherpeople have been calling for a cold front to drop into Kentucky, it was still a harsh reality to step outside this morning and feel that cold front like a slap to the face.  To go from 86 degrees a day or two ago to whatever nonsense it was this morning is not my idea of fun!  If you’re a parent, this time of year is always such a drag, with “the changing of the seasons” in clothes for your young-ins.  Our family closet has mitigated some of the torture, to be sure (we don’t have to drag buckets and boxes upstairs from storage and somehow find places in dresser drawers for both seasons while the Kentucky weather makes up its mind as to what season it’s in), but even with the clothes all out and hanging,  the job of seeing what clothes still fit and what clothes need to be given away or passed down is a big one.   As with many things, I’ve been putting it off.   We have had cool mornings and evenings, but the days themselves have remained warm and even hot up until now.  But taking kids out into public with their shorts if it’s only going to creep into the 50s probably won’t win me any Mother of the Year awards.  (Based on past performances, though, I may already be banned from the running.)

OK, so the loathsome job o’ the week is definitely to go through the clothes, with a particular focus on pants.  Somehow the magic of growing boys and their legs seems to happen throughout the summer months, usually when it’s under cover (ironically) of shorts.  A young person can grow quite a bit before shorts are too short, I have observed.  Then, without warning, they go to put on jeans that fit just fine only three short months ago and they look like capris!  Oh dear.  I dread the job of having them put on every pair of pants that we have downstairs and showing me while I try to wisely decide if they fit into one of three categories: a) they fit and they can go back down in the closet; b) they’re a tad big, but may need to be put to use before the growing season is through; or c) they are too small, too worn, or just ready to be on their way out.  This job times six makes me tired before we even begin!  And yet somehow, we make it through, year after year.  I believe that this year will be no exception, and I thank God that we have clothes to go through and either bless someone else with or have to keep ourselves warm.  We are fortunate indeed.

We could have used some of those warm clothes earlier today, in fact, when we braved the elements to participate in yet another cross country meet.  To be sure, we are newcomers.  The boys are not experienced runners, but they are putting in the work outside of the meet days to make progress.  AND THEY ARE MOVING, almost daily.  Our goal for encouraging them to run with our CC team this year was twofold: everyone in our home could use more regular exercise (and what better way than to join in with friends with which to run, complain about running, and even, if lucky, barf together after running?); and what if one or three of the boys find that they really, really like to run cross country? Surely they wouldn’t have that revelation sitting in a chair at home.  So far, it’s been hard work.  It’s not exactly easy to just pick up and train to run for 3 and 4K courses, but they’ve all done a fantastic job.  They aren’t the fastest, but who knows if the running bug will catch them? A tutor (and seasoned marathon runner) gave each kid on the team a mileage chart to keep track of their miles when the season began, and the boys have run over 30 miles in less than a month.  They feel better about running around two miles about five days a week.  None of them gushes about how exhilarating the act of running in the neighborhood is just yet, but they are giving it the ole’ college try and honoring their commitment for the season.  That alone is worth commendation.  And many times it’s the toughest things that garner the biggest rewards, so we’ll see how they feel at the end of the season, and maybe, with some encouragement, they’ll continue running even through the winter.

And speaking of winter, that’s what it felt like today at the meet.  Clearly we were newbies and didn’t come prepared with our 732 layers of clothes to keep us warm (especially for those who weren’t running, but even for the runners).  They should have been dressed more warmly.  I could hear my mother and grandmothers chiding me in my ear the entire time with “THOSE BOYS ARE GOING TO CATCH COLD!  THEIR POOR EARS! OH DEAR, DEBBIE, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!?!?”  Truth is, I absentmindedly advised them to grab some warm clothes, but they didn’t exactly heed my half-hearted warning.   As a result, we all suffered for most of the time, except for when the boys were running.  They were plenty warm during that stretch of time!

I guess it’s time to stop procrastinating and get those clothes switched out.  If you see my kids in shorts for the next few days, please know that we are working on it.  Or they decided that they still like their shorts and want to wear them a wee bit longer.  Either way, I’m pretty sure whatever they have on is clean.   Or at least I sure hope so….



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