Looking Forward to Thanksgiving

It’s Friday, and my to do list did not even come close to getting done. I’m worn out, a little discouraged, and honestly, dismayed at how much still has to be completed over the weekend. How does this happen every week? It’s not that I lounge around the entire week, but I suppose I could put more hours and more effort into the days I do have. The tyranny of the urgent seems to be the motto of the month. Every day has its own fullness, and when that doesn’t get done, it gets pushed back to the next, and so on and so forth, until it’s once again the end of the week, and the list remains undone.

This week, our family has been working to get a family costume together for our annual Thanksgiving Feast, which marks the end of the first semester of CC. Every child is encouraged to dress up as someone or something that we’ve studied this year, which is always so much fun. So much fun, that is, on the day of the Feast. Leading up to the day of the Feast, however, is usually fraught with frantic preparation after we’ve waited for creative lightning strikes (which quite honestly should really start coming to us around weeks 5 or 6…not week 11 1/2!). Add to the usual schoolwork we have all week, the extra fun events that come at this time of year, etc., etc., and we’ve got ourselves a full week!

As I sit surveying the science project we’ll be doing on Monday morning, I’m thankful that at least one thing can be crossed off the list! I’ve got papers to print out, papers still to edit, other prep work to do, presentations to practice, and those silly costumes.

To be honest, although I love everything about our CC group, I’m really looking forward to a break. It won’t be long, since preparation for the second semester continues the Monday after Thanksgiving, but having a break from our community days for a few weeks will hopefully allow me to catch my breath and be refreshed to begin again in 2014.

Until Monday afternoon, however, I have got to keep on keeping on, take my vitamins, and somehow get it all done. Somehow, it always gets done…


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