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Favorite Recipe Friday: Chicken Pot Pie


Without a doubt, one of my favorite recipes of all time has to be one that I found while searching for something easy and yummy to take to a new mom. I didn’t create this recipe (and in truth, I have created very few recipes; I just find the good ones), but I have made […]

Who says you can’t have pie for dinner every now and again?

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Cooking for others has become a joy for me.  When I can’t think of any other way to help out, making a meal for someone usually comes to mind.  Sure, in the entire scope of humanity, one meal isn’t going to make a tremendous difference, but often it helps.   And when I can’t think of […]

Therapy is only a few ingredients away…

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    A couple days ago, our neighbors across the street begin a major kitchen remodel, and will be without the necessities for a few weeks.  Without cabinets, countertops, a stove, or a kitchen sink, cooking dinner will be impossible.  So since today is a work-around-the-house day trying to tackle a procrastinated project or two, […]

Why Spilt Hairs When We Could Split Peas Instead?

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For anyone who really knows me, this post does not come out any craving whatsoever. Let it be known that I do not care for peas. In fact, I quite hate them. As a child, I would practically throw fits whenever they were served for dinner, and I would go out of my way to […]

Don’t change the recipe the first time you try it!

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It’s November 28…Technically there are three more posts before I could take a break from daily blogging. What to write about today? How about a new recipe I’ve been meaning to try for a while? Sure, great idea. It has all the makings of a good–no, unhealthy–and quick dish: sour cream, cheese, and starches. What […]

How to cook ten meals in ten hours–times three

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At the end of September, two friends and I embarked on a journey none of us had been on before:  we planned to prepare ten freezer meals for each of our families in one day.  I had long looked online and talked to others who had done this before, and while it always seemed so […]

How about that…

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This afternoon, Todd, Hannah, and Patrick went with the youth group from our church to a weekend retreat in Gatlinburg. For whatever reason, when they leave, I get an almost overwhelming urge to take the four remaining children out to places I’d usually try to avoid dragging them. Tonight, after we delivered meals to two […]

“Soup’s On!”

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Every so often I come across a recipe that is not only easy to make, but also is a hit with my family. With the exception of one child (who shall remain nameless for his or her protection), everyone raves about this recipe, including the ultimate judge: Todd. I’ve made only a few changes to […]