It felt like Chloe’s tooth had been loose forever. When she first told us it was wiggly, we thought it would maybe be out in a week or so, but that rascally tooth just wasn’t interested in letting go. On one hand, I knew that there was no going back once that little baby tooth came out. Our sweet and sassy redhead’s face would never have that baby look ever again. But Chloe’s excitement over the milestone of having a missing front tooth was also contagious for all of us. Her brothers and sister all had advice for her on how best to wiggle it so it would come out quicker, and Todd gave it a couple “Dad tries” in an attempt to pull it out quickly. But it wouldn’t budge. It held fast, but continued to get looser and looser.

Here’s a picture of her when I first thought the extraction was eminent, just so I wouldn’t miss that “last day” of her baby teeth. (It was taken at least a week before it actually came out!)


Usually after dinner, we’d offer encouragement and a couple times Patrick even offered to yank it out. Andrew suggested a much more violent approach, as you can see in this picture.


She sported the Nanny McPhee look for several days, and although it looked a bit strange, it really didn’t bother her all that much. She wiggled it a lot, but no matter how loose it got, it showed no sign of giving up.


On the day of her 7th birthday, it seemed to be literally hanging by a thread! What was still keeping it attached to her gums was a mystery. She accepted some help in trying to get it out, and hopefully she won’t remember too much or be too traumatized by it. In the end, the tooth held firm. We wondered what in the world we all cared so much about it for…when a tooth is ready, it’ll come out!



The day after Ben and Chloe’s birthday, we were preparing for my parents’ arrival and she finally couldn’t take it anymore. She tried biting into an apple, but that didn’t work. She wiggled it by herself, but that didn’t work either. After exhausting her own devices, she asked Patrick to help her.

We gathered ’round to cheer her on, and finally, FINALLY, that pesky little tooth gave up the fight. Chloe actually pulled it out herself as she jerked away from Patrick’s grasp. She went one way, and the tooth remained in his hand. And “just like that,” it was out.


As usually follows after one front tooth comes out, the other front tooth is now also loose. It probably won’t be long before she is completely toothless–and just in time to ask for two front teeth for Christmas!–but for now, she’s enjoying the single-sided toothless look. When else in your life can celebrate that missing tooth grin?

And so…the redhead reaches another milestone of growing up….




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