Day 27 and I’d like to give up

It was rather unwise to commit to write a post a day this month, and although it’s almost the end of the 3- days, I’m feeling grumpy about having made the commitment. I’m tired of having to come up with something new every day to write about, whether or not anyone reads it.

But I did say I would write every day, and except for the whole weekend without a van (or a way home), I have so far.

Maybe I’m just tired. Mondays begin at 5:30 and don’t stop until late in the day. I didn’t have to plunge any toilets today, but I was running from the time we arrived at CC until late in the day. It’s amazing how quickly the morning goes, for one thing. The other aspect I couldn’t have prepared for is how physically tiring the job is on Mondays. That has really surprised me.

So maybe I’m just tired, and therefore let a little grumpy creep in.

I had the chance to speak tonight, and although I did bring up socks and toilets (and how they relate to kids), I hope I didn’t come across as too discouraging in my delivery. It’s a fine line to walk between being realistic and being a downer! Being a parent is sort of like living the Peace Corps commercial: “It’s the toughest job you’ll ever love.” I do love it, and I hope that I was able to convey that tonight.

One other random thought from today: Andrew and his classmates learned that the capacity of the stomach can be up to 2 qts.


Because of this knowledge, some of the past puke-fests by the kids make sense now. While we thought they must have been vomiting food that they hadn’t yet eaten, we could have known the truth had we just had some basic knowledge of the human digestive system.

Yep, I’m just tired.


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