It’s been one of *those* days…

While we can rejoice in all of the advances in technology that make our lives easier, today they have done nothing but drag me down.  (I say this tongue-in-cheek, but still…)  As I write this, I’m trying to be patient as my phone and laptop finally get to communicate with each other and successfully transfer the 1,270 pictures and 70 videos from my phone to the drive that promises to keep them safe.  It’s the second try because the first process that I thought was working while I ran an errand was actually a wash and accomplished nothing.  Not to worry, not to worry… I’ll just begin again and transfer those pictures and videos.  After that, I should be able to get the latest software on my phone that I’ve heard many positive and negative reviews about.   How it will affect my phone is yet to be revealed, but I’m sure there will be something I wasn’t expecting.  All in the name of technology, right?

Our new washing machine is fabulous and the top loader without an agitator (oh, I’d like to be able to say I got rid of my life’s “agitator,” but alas, I don’t come in that model!) is enormously roomy.  We can fit a tremendous amount of clothes in there, which is, saying something with eight people who are continually intent on creating dirty laundry.  The down side, however, is that our eleven-year-old dryer is having a hard time keeping up, even with the considerable amount of laundry per load that we hang up to dry.  Today on multiple occasions, I went down, expecting to change a load only to find that it was still too damp to remove.  My pessimistic nature immediately assumed that the dryer had blown a head gasket (and really, after my history, could you blame me?!), but in reality, the door kept popping open.  Perhaps I was trying to get too much done at one time and crammed too many towels in that poor thing.  Again, multitasking gone wrong, but at least I have a dryer, right?  We lived in Korea for almost two years and had to hang everything.  I don’t think we ever got used to clean, crunchy underwear, but we dealt with it.  It was better than the alternative.   Ew.

The dishwasher ran, but the incorrect placement of one dish by one child who shall remain unnamed for his own safety didn’t allow for the soap dispenser to flip open at the proper time (or any time, actually), so the cycle ran but without soap.  Sigh.

I dropped a ton of books off at the library, but realized as we pulled up to the drop off box that I had left the two most important (and overdue, DOH!) books at home.  I’ll have to make another trip there to get those blasted books off my record.

Hannah and I made a trip to the local resale shop last night, and I scored some great deals on jeans for Ben.  I had the choice of two sizes–even held them up to me and my height–and picked the wrong one.  One more trip back there is on the to do list to exchange my improper purchase.

With all these great advances and amenities that we have in town, you’d think I’d be excited that because of them, I can get so much done.  Today and yesterday, however, I feel like I’ve attempted much, but ended up repeating just about everything.

For those who wonder how I get it all done…today I’ve had to do it twice.

I wonder how much more productive I could be if I could just do it right the first time

Perhaps I’ll just try again tomorrow…


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