Day 21… what a hoot

In some ways, I can’t believe October is almost over.  Ten more days in this month.  How on earth has it gone so quickly?  What have we done with our tenth month of 2014?  On the other hand, however, I’m a bit glad that the end is near, because I’m running out of things to talk about here.  Looking at my posts for the year, it was probably the worst blogging year I’ve had since I started this in 2010.  There hasn’t been enough time to record even the events of the family, let alone share my thoughts about happenings or other things.  That’s so sad, really.  There’s always time to do the important stuff…right?!  I enjoy writing when I have something interesting to write about, but other than the Van Debacle of 2014, this hasn’t exactly been The Month of Great Ideas for Amazing and Amusing Blog Posts.   Good thing I don’t write for money… it would be a rough month!

Even though today was an incredibly normal day: a normal day of homeschool, Hannah working, housework, and all the other things that go on around here, I wish I had been able to record our dinner earlier tonight.  The boys for some inexplicable reason (they’re boys, perhaps? FOUR BOYS?!?) got the giggles at the end of the meal.  My first reaction was to shush them and shame them for acting up during dinner.  But then, an article that I had read this morning came to mind, entitled “5 Things Tween Boys Want From Moms.”   One of the five things was “they want us to let them be silly.”  (If you want to read the entire article, click here.)  I had been a mom of boys long enough to realize that whether you let them be silly or not, sometimes they’re going to be silly no matter what.   And those giggles, though…  I decided to just let them go for a bit, and it ended up in all of us laughing.  Andrew moaned that his belly hurt he was laughing so hard, and tears came to his eyes.  His uncontrollable belly laugh sent the rest of us into peals even while we were trying to keep it together.  Ben held his face as he tried to catch his breath and groaned that his cheeks hurt.  More laughing.  And then more laughing…until none of us could remember why we had started laughing in the first place.  The blessed sound of children (young and not so young) giggling and snorting and cracking each other up rang through the kitchen.  I desperately wished I could have bottled it up to listen to it in the future when the house would be deafeningly quiet.   Had I taken my phone out and even attempted to record the silliness, however, the moment would have been lost, the boys would have become aware of both themselves and the video feature, and the howling would have been hushed.

It did, eventually, run its course and the boys soon wiped their eyes instead of holding their bellies, but I hope I can hang on to the sound of their laughter for a long time to come.  Silliness certainly has its place.  Perhaps not at every dinner table, but it was most welcome at ours tonight, and it definitely transformed a usual Tuesday into one to remember.

Long live the laughter.


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