Nothing to see here…Keep moving

It’s been exactly a week since we began our saga through the heartland of America that ended so very, very badly. Since Tuesday evening, it’s been quite a relief to go back to life as usual–or close to usual–and not have to worry about anything overheating. Let’s be honest: I didn’t have to think about my coffee pot overheating; my flat iron gets pretty hot, but it hasn’t ever overheated; and I like to boil my pasta on high, but that’s not considered overheating. Good, good, good.

Meanwhile, the auto shop owner/manager was hard at work behind the scenes. By Thursday, Todd and Kevin had come up with an agreement. Without going into too many details just yet, we’re getting a new engine. I can probably explain more later. We are looking forward to picking it up sometime Monday when it is anticipated to be repaired! Finally.

Of course, you’ll understand if I don’t completely trust our vehicle until we’ve driven it much further than 3.3 miles.

Until then, we can focus on much more important things: to Ebola or not to Ebola; what will the menu plan for the week be; and whether our puppies will grow into mean little balls of shedding hair or mellow into friendly furry guys… You know, the “important” stuff.

There really isn’t anything else exciting going on around here, and I am SO glad to say so. School work as usual, life as usual, business as usual.

Throughout last weekend and the beginning of this week, it was easy to get frustrated that what we’d planned was so far away from what actually happened. I planned to leave early on Friday so we could get to the hotel early and have lots of time to spend with family…that didn’t quite work out. Our trip home was delayed a few days and included a totally unplanned stop at my parents’ house on the other side of the state from our destination. We completely inconvenienced Mike and Nicole (among others!) more than once throughout the three days. It just felt like everything was a mess and nothing was how it had been designed. Then I came across this gem of truth:

“The truth is, of course, that what one regards as interruptions are precisely one’s life.”

Collected Works of C. S. Lewis (1994)

So who knows.  Maybe the “plan” wasn’t supposed to be the “real plan” all along.

I can definitely be OK with that.




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