Back to Normal…ish

I heard Mike’s truck fire up just after 12:30 this morning. Since we hadn’t talked to him after we said our goodbyes and he’d gone to try and catch a nap, I had no idea whether he’d been able to sleep or not. Nevertheless, he was on his way home. I texted him a quick “be safe and be careful” and tried to sleep. It was tough! I couldn’t help but wonder if he was sleepy (how could he not be!?) or if the drive felt interminable.

Imagine my relief when I received a text from him at 6:01am saying he for home safely. Wonderful. I know he still had to return Mom and Dad’s car to them, but it felt like the most difficult part of the ordeal was finally over.

Back at the ranch, it felt like I woke up with a hangover. But since we’d missed several days as it was, the kids didn’t even fight me on the return to schoolwork. (Hannah had even studied as soon as we unpacked the day before.) Our fall break was indeed a break, but not exactly in the way I think any of us would have planned. Though it was a slow day, we managed to get through our work.

Todd had not left the key with the van when he and Mike dropped it at the shop the night before, so he took that over at some point today, guaranteeing him the opportunity to speak to someone (or someones) in person. By the end of their business day, we had not heard anything. Not sure what to think about that, but for just a few hours, if at all possible, I really did not want to see, think about, or in any way have to deal with that vehicle.

It’s been a grey, damp, rainy day here, and it certainly didn’t help with anyone’s mood as we navigated through the afternoon. After schoolwork, I took a shorter than usual walk, but after at least five days of hardly walking at all (unless my FitBit counted the pacing around the front end of the car while Patrick inspected under the hood and I talked to Todd on the phone…) The neighborhood trees are changing so quickly, and it is such a treat to watch them change daily.

Speaking of trees, that was one of the best parts about being on the road (even if it was often the same road) this weekend. We saw some absolutely brilliant displays of fall foliage. The colors were just breath-taking, and I’m grateful that we occasionally lifted up our heads from our downcast spirit to really take them in. What a constant reminder, mile after mile, of God’s handiwork. That helped the frustrations seem a bit less important.

Compared to past days, this is a short entry, but I’m just worn out. I was thankful to hear from Nicole that Mike had an early bedtime, and I’m trying to follow somewhat behind him. It’s good to be home, and it’s great to all sleep in our own beds, although I have to say, the bed at the hotel was one of the most comfortable hotel beds I have ever slept in.

Not that I’m looking to drive back there any time soon….


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