10-7-97, a day that will live in (our personal) infamy


Our oldest–and first-born–daughter turned 17 today, which is amazing on so many levels. There’s the “I have a 17 year old daughter” level, which goes along with the “I can remember it like it was yesterday” level, followed closely by the “we must be doing the math wrong somehow” level. It’s hard to believe that we have lived for seventeen years with our Hannah-bug, when it feels like just yesterday we were finally, finally welcoming her into our arms after 42 weeks of pregnancy. It was exciting (in retrospect) to give birth in a foreign country, and led to lots of humorous stories (that weren’t funny at the time) about language barriers and cultural differences. Hannah was a fantastic baby from the beginning (except for the first night home from the hospital, when she cried literally almost all night). She slept well, are well, was so alert, smiled early and often, and was always a joy.




And then she was two, then five, then ten, and she had five brothers and sisters behind her. By the time Chloe was born, she probably could have taken over for me in the house if she’d needed to do so.


And now…seventeen. She’s bright, quick to take charge and speak her mind, passionate about what she loves, and fiercely loyal. I know mama’s are partial to their babies, but she’s also beautiful. Part of what adds to her beauty outside is her character inside.


Who knows what this year will bring, or the next five, ten, or twenty years? My prayer is that she continues to grow in knowledge of the Lord, a passion to seek after the things He has for her, and a life full of walking in His will.


And maybe get her driver’s license at some point, too….










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  1. doris ahrendt
    Oct 09, 2014 @ 07:17:31

    She’s a beautiful girl with a special personality! Way to go Hannah! Happy Birthday! Hope all the family is doing well. Aunt Doris


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