Two heads of broccoli are better than one…

So it’s Thursday already.  Where is the week going? When we have our community day on Monday, it sometimes feels like the week gets shorter, but not in a good way.  Trying to get the week’s worth of work done before the weekend is a challenge we rarely accomplish, and therefore, end of having schoolwork to complete on either Saturday or Sunday, or both.  This week is shaping up to be no exception!  Perhaps if we stayed home and only worked on studies, we might be able to get it all done, but which of us is able to do that?  Other activities, sports, house responsibilities, and so on, all pull our energy away from the ‘school to do list.’  Add to that the string of absolutely beautiful weather we’ve had for about the past two weeks and you’ve got nothing but a recipe for the continuing struggle to get everything done!   Today the temperature skyrocketed to 86, but the weatherman keeps up his threatening talk that “the change” is coming and summer is about over.  I suppose it’s time; it is October 2nd, after all, but part of me doesn’t want to see summer and the warm weather go. With the cooler temps comes the certainty of fewer hours of daylight, frost on the windshield, the bareness of the tree branches after the last leaves have left.  It’s not fall that I dislike so much as it is the realization that winter comes after fall.  I really, really do not care for a winter that lasts longer than six weeks.  Snow that falls between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is always welcome in my book and on my calendar, but in my ideal world, spring’s renewal would begin on January 2nd, and progress straightaway through to summer.   What a crazy world that would be, right?! I know that doesn’t sit well with a lot of my cooler-temp and snow-loving friends, but it’s OK.  I can’t actually make that come to pass, so they shouldn’t worry about it.  

Wow, what a tangent I’ve gotten into…. From complaining about our school week to complaining about the weather.  At least I have the continuity of complaining, right?  Eek.  Time to work on supplanting the attitude of complaint with an attitude of gratefulness.

And what, do you ask, does the title of this post have to do with anything?!?  NOTHING!  I asked my family what they thought the topic of my blog post for the day should be.  Brendan suggested I “research and write a report on the zombie apocalypse.”  Chloe chimed in with, “Write about horses!” and Todd, in between bites of dinner, simply offered, “Two heads of broccoli are better than one.”

Since I have no idea how to craft a blog post about how two heads of broccoli are better than one–except for the fact that in our house, when roasted broccoli is on the menu, two heads (or even three!) are definitely better than one–I’ll have to be content to use it in the title and leave it at that.  Thanks for the input, family.  Now, let’s get back to being in denial about the end of the warm days and begin preparing for sweater weather.

If we must.


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