Hopefully it’s like riding a bike….

The last time I posted a blog entry was March, I believe… (with a quickie thrown in there mid-July just so I could sleep at night). It’s tough to find time to blog on top of everything else, but during the month of October, I’m just going to have to make time. That’s why the NaBloPoMo challenge appeals to me so much: outside motivation is so much more effective than just deciding to do something myself. For better or for worse, it seems to be the way I roll.

Since March, it’s been busy, and that’s mostly why the blog has been neglected. The school year wrapped up (sort of…we never really stop schooling, I guess…), summer began (sort of…maybe it wasn’t where you live, but here in KY, we had a strange, cool summer–and by strange, I mean disappointing. It was definitely not one of the hottest on record…), the kids’ musicals began and continued straight through the summer, from before it began until after we went back to school. If you ask the kids, it is definitely the highlight of their year. At one point, Patrick told me, “August is my favorite month of the year!” It was a family affair of late nights, clothes sacrificed to the paper mache gods, and countless rehearsals. In the end, however, the result was glorious and worth the effort, as usual.

In between events related to the musicals, the reality of becoming the director of our CC campus set in. Tutor training meetings, parent meetings, supply prep, securing and setting up the roster all took quite a bit of time. Now, five weeks in to our semester, I think we’re hitting the groove of our full campus (and super-full nursery!). It’s not perfect, but I’m feeling as though my new role is going well. And as an added bonus, I’ve had the chance to plunge toilets on three of those five weeks. (I credit having four boys to prepare me for properly executing such glamorous jobs.)

So now, as of October 1, we are about eight weeks into our school year, with the mantra of just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. Hannah’s a junior, learning to drive, and taking one class a week at Asbury University; Patrick’s a sophomore, working his way through British lit, and helping his dad on various projects with work; Brendan entered the Challenge years of CC, and has shown his ever-growing personal responsibility with his own education. He gets to carry on the tradition of drawing the entire world, continent by continent, and is doing well so far! Ben began his last year of Foundations, and will be working towards completing the last Cycle of Memory Master. Andrew is a vivacious fourth grader, working harder than ever on grammar and writing this year. And the redhead Chloe is a first grader, still plugging away at all the basics of language, math, and life while trying to jump ahead several years. On top of (and really, more important than) all the schoolwork are the character issues that occur while trying to prepare children to become adults. To say that every day is a challenge would be an understatement, but we are doing our best to rise to the challenge. Lord willing, we’ll have the strength and grace to meet every day’s tests.

On top of those daily challenges, I’ve taken on the blog post a day “dare.” We’ll see if I can make it all 31 days and find both ideas to share as well as time in my day to share them. As I’m writing right now, one child is cleaning the window of the back door, one is sweeping the floor in the kitchen, another is emptying the dishwasher, and still another is….well…um….eating pudding. Hey, we can’t have 100% perfect productivity all day, every day….can we?!

But for now, I’ve got a fourth grader ready to diagram a few sentences, and I certainly don’t want to keep him waiting or miss the window of opportunity.

Until tomorrow!


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