Christmas Wrap Up

Does it feel like Christmas came and left way too soon this year? Or is it just me? I am sitting in my living room surrounded by kids and Christmas decorations (and gifts), and I just can’t believe that a short week ago, we were frantically trying to get it all done in anticipation of the big day. Now, we’re looking at just a little more than a day left in the entire year.

As quickly as it sped by, Christmas was a blessed day–or several days–this year. We did get it all done. Everyone was ready for the festivities. We enjoyed ourselves in the process and the opportunity to spend the time with family and friends (and UK even beat Louisville this year!). Our family continued our tradition of attending the candlelight service at church, but this year we added a new twist: about halfway through the service, the fire alarm began to sound. Not knowing if it was real or a mistake, all the attendees had to file outside in the 12 degree weather and wait anxiously for the firemen to respond. Thankfully, it was a water issue and not a real fire, but after standing outside for a while and shaking in the frigid temps, it was tough to go back into the service and feel warm and fuzzy by the candle lighting portion of the candlelight service. Somehow we managed, though!

After church, we had dinner with Todd’s mom and dad at their house and visited with them until we could visit no more. Excited though they were, the kids all dutifully dressed for bed and tried to fall asleep although the anticipation had to make it tough. Todd and I were only up until around 1 am getting our last minute details in order and finished.

The next morning began early as we committed to take a hot breakfast to the men of the fire station. No one complained at the wakeup, but as I walked past the boys’ bedroom and called, “Time to wake up! It’s time to begin Christmas!” I heard Brendan mumble from under his pile of blankets, “Can we start Christmas in five more minutes??” 🙂

As we made our way to the fire station, we noticed a lot of water on the roadway and it eventually became clear that a water main had broken overnight. There were about four guys working in the crushingly cold (for Kentucky…you know, it’s all relative, but 10 degrees IS cold!) temps on Christmas morning. The men at the fire station confirmed that the main had broken around 1 in the morning and the men had been there since shortly after that. After chatting with the firemen for a few minutes, we left them with their breakfast and a thank you, and ran out to the van. As we buckled up, Todd exclaimed, “Let’s go get those men some coffee!” We drove over to the Speedway and purchased several hot coffees for the poor fellows who had been called out of their beds and away from their families on Christmas to clean up a huge mess in the road. They were appreciative of the small gesture, to be sure.

The rest of the day included a lovely time of eating, opening presents, children who were happy with the boxes and bags they got to open and the treats they discovered inside, a lazy morning and just hanging out, and then an evening with Todd’s family doing more gifting and eating.

My parents were also able to make a trip down to visit us for a couple days and just left this morning. We are so blessed to have them healthy enough (and willing enough!) to make the trip down I-75 so many times to visit us. It is a huge gift! We played new and old games, took walks in the afternoon, and my poor dad was forced to watch the University of Kentucky Wildcats win in his presence. (I don’t feel badly at all about that!)

As we reflect on the week of Christmas that we just experienced, I am so thankful that it was as full of activity and blessing as it was. We are extremely fortunate!

Here are just a few pictures of the kids and us decked out in their Sunday best to prove that we all actually clean up when necessary…

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