Reunion Time

Today we had the opportunity to meet up with some “old” college friends–some we had seen a few months ago and others who we hadn’t seen in years. When the opportunity presents itself, it’s definitely best to take advantage of it, so we headed to Pontiac, Michigan to see some of our closest buddies.

It is so fabulous to have the chance to catch up with those we spent so much time with in those amazing four years at Hillsdale. One of my closest friends and her husband recently adopted two toddler girls from China and it was our first time to meet them. What a blessing to see them and spend a little time getting to know them! Such sweet girls who have already become part of a loving a wonderful family.

We shared lots of laughs and memories at the “big kids” table, but what was equally remarkable is how well out kids get along with each other. Hannah and Maddie are long distance friends, and even though they’ve never lived in the same town or spent more than a couple of days together, they share a special bond and a strong friendship. They made plans to extend the visit today into an overnight and counted the days until they saw each other. What we didn’t know, however, is how quickly Patrick and Ethan would hit it off, or that Brendan and Hayden would immediately become fast friends over Minecraft. It was incredible to see how the children of close friends can be close. Truly a blessing to us parents.

In a month-long celebration of thankfulness, I’m glad we had the chance to reconnect with our friends. Hopefully, our next reunion won’t be nearly as far off.


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