We Made It!

We had a rough start to the morning (as in, the containers that I’d packed our clothes in did not fit in the trunk of the truck…a problem we did not realize until Todd tried to shut the door….oops!), so after packing and unpacking and repacking, we finally left town. Add two more slight snafus into the mix, and we finally got on the road shortly before 11. Not exactly how I planned it in my head, but we did ok. Traffic was worse than I expected, but not awful–mostly the slowdowns where nothing seems to be wrong once you get through it. That was good news today.

We made a quick stop for lunch and a bathroom break, and plowed on down the road, arriving just before six. Phew! Another safe and mostly uneventful trip.

Now that we’re here, it’s time to begin the Thanksgiving celebration. My brothers and sister-in-law will be coming over tomorrow, and there will be lots of food and fellowship. The parade begins around nine. Later, we shall watch the Lions play, and maybe this is their year to win on Thanksgiving! It should be a full day of eating and visiting.

May you be blessed at your Thanksgiving feast, no matter where you are and who you share it with!


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