Taking More Steps for My Own Good

Over the past year or so, I’ve kind of become obsessed with pedometers, and tracking food and steps. First it started with an app I’d had since 2010 and used off and on throughout the past years, then moved on to a Pedometer app on my phone that I used when I walked out in the neighborhood. It worked fairly well, but sometimes it didn’t pick up certain time frames and it was all but useless around the house, since it would turn off if there were extended periods of inactivity. Still, I thought my app was as good as it got. Until, that is, Todd brought home a new little gadget for each of us that he’d been eyeing for a while: The FitBit Zip. To see the official website for the FitZip, click here As with all change, I did not like it. Why would I need something new, I asked him in my usual whiny voice. (Not exactly, but I am sort of against learning new things and figuring out new software and all that.)

The FitBit device, however, is a small contraption that can easily fit in a pocket or….on a bra strap (TMI?)….or some sort of clothing. Here’s a picture of the newfangled product:


It was simple to set up our accounts and download apps on our phones. Before long, we each had a FitBit Zip that was tracking every step and supposedly counting every calorie burned. The app is fantastic, as it allows me to check throughout the day if I think of it to see how many steps I’ve taken. It allows for food tracking (although that part, in my opinion, is lacking a bit. My other food app allowed for scanning bar codes and had a more extensive catalog of food choices than the FitBit seems to have, but that may change as the database expands.) I set up steps goals, weight goals, and other ways to track progress. So far, I have been extremely happy with it–even if I haven’t been equally pleased with my daily achievements (thank you, L5 nerve!). I like not having to think about it or turn it on or off. It’s always working and tracking. These are all definite benefits.

Perhaps what I like best about it, though, is the change it has made in me. While my current (or recurrent?!) situation has prevented me from walking every day like I had been for so many days, I find myself looking for excuses to do something in order to get more steps. Run downstairs to change a load of laundry? Sure. Park a few spaces further from the door at the grocery store? Absolutely. It seems to be working out, too. Anytime I’m encouraged to be more active, even if it’s not thirty minutes of intense cardio, I feel like I’m getting ahead in the scheme of things.

I still have a ways to go in order to reach my ultimate goal. But thanks to FitBit Zip, I think I may be turning the corner on the last leg of the journey!


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