When the Leaves Fall, the Youngsters Will Play

This is not your average “fall photo shoot” or “pictures of kids in the leaves.” Saturday was a fairly clear day (read: it wasn’t pouring) and the leaves weren’t blowing down the street fast enough. It was clear that we would have to rake them or get them off the yard somehow. Thank goodness for the youngsters! Those small people with extra energy! Those crumb crunchers who love to jump around and help the family out in any way necessary!

Ummmm….OK, maybe not. But the following few pictures show three of the Tighe kids stepping in and getting a couple hours in raking the bazillion leaves our two trees drop every fall. It’s really quite amazing just how many descend onto the grass. Brendan was working hard at a Teen Bible Quiz match, Hannah was inside reading Jane Eyre (“Jane! Jane! Stop this crazy thing!!!!!!” …wait, wrong classic, you say? Ah well.), and Patrick was in and out and definitely dodging my camera.

Sadly, we only have one leaf blower, and of course everyone fought over who got to use it. Here’s perhaps the best picture of the day (answer: Chloe lost the first ‘rock, paper, scissors,’ apparently)


At least the redhead didn’t appear to mind trying to get blown away with the leaves!



The next several pictures attempt to capture the boys actually working at the huge job of collecting all the leaves. They did not finish the entire yard, but made a large dent in the workload. Thankfully, leaves, like laundry, are content to wait and will most likely be there when we can get back out to complete the task.








And one last shot, lest you think all they did was work, work, work…. They were happy in their work! And everyone enjoyed a hearty laugh over Chloe’s hair and the blower!


This is what I felt like this morning, when Monday seemed to arrive way too early for my taste. But like Chloe, we all put on brave faces and big smiles, did our best to smooth down our hair, and walked into the wind and the day’s activities.

And we had a fantastic day!


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