You’re Getting on my Last Nerve!

Just a quick update. I finally heard back from my doctor’s office today and spoke with a PA. My CT myelogram results came back, and the test showed absolutely no nerve compression. That means there is no reason for any follow-up procedure, which is fantastic news indeed! The rest of our year just opened up considerably and now I can get all the projects still on the to do list done. The first test, the EMG nerve conduction study, showed lingering L5 radiculopathy, but no new injury or damage. In layman’s terms, from what I understand from our phone conversation, my “nerves are free and clear.” But still, she went on to explain, nerves do not heal like skin and bones. They seem to have longer memories and hold on to their anger. I would definitely say my L5 is doing a bang-up job at being irritable, but enough is enough!

The next step that the doctor suggested to help bring relief while waiting for my nerves to be less, well…you know…nervy, is to explore an epidural injection for pain relief. While before my current circumstance, this was all but off the table in terms of options, I’m at least willing to look into it. I suppose that will be my next research topic.

While I’m incredibly thankful for results that can only be termed as good news, the fact that the reason given for pain is so vague and open-ended leaves me a bit unsettled and unsure as to what to do next. On the whole, though, the news is definitely good.


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