Nothing to Say…

This is the third “blog every day for a month” attempt I’ve made in my short and naive blogging career, but it seems that there is at least one day out of each month where there are no ideas, thoughts, or prompts to get the ole brain going. Today gets to be that day this month! (And I thought it was only National Pickle Day!)

I can’t remember where I recently read another blog encouraging the reader to record the seemingly mundane for relishing later on. There was a lot of mundane today, but perhaps someday, I can look back and…well, relish.

One of the kids’ highlights was that I made egg salad for lunch. I had no idea how well-received my egg salad would be received and how greatly anticipated it would be between breakfast and lunchtime. “Oh, man, it’s only 10:15! There’s so much time until lunch!!” was something I overheard one of the crumb-crunchers belly-aching to another. Another child went to great lengths to keep me abreast of the current time throughout the morning, just so I would know how close we were getting to the blessed lunch hour.

When the clock finally, finally struck high noon, there was much rejoicing. (Among all, except B1. He’s the food black sheep of the family. That’s ok. Not everyone has to like it.)

Here’s a humorous side conversation I heard between B1 and B2, as B2 tried to wrap his head around not liking the aforementioned lunch choice.
B2: “C’mon, Brendan, it has mustard in it and you even said that mustard makes everything better!”
B1: “I said that mustard makes things better; I never said it could make bad things taste good!!”

Well, OK, then.

The lunch hysteria did not disappoint, but after the rejoicing, we quietly returned to the mundane of the day.

But really, besides egg salad, how much excitement can one day reasonably hold?


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