Veterans Day Perspective from Someone Who has No Clue

I do not come from a military family.  My dad didn’t serve, as he took a different career path at the time when he could have been drafted, and neither of my brothers were in the service, either.  I have one uncle who served in Vietnam, but it was quietly understood that he wasn’t too outspoken about his experience there.   Todd’s dad and grandfather were both military men, though, and that was my first exposure to real-time accounts of what war was really like.

I don’t pretend to know about even the slightest detail of what it’s like to be in the service, but the older I get, the higher my respect level reaches for each and every person who is involved–or has been involved–in the military.  The sacrifice necessary to serve alone is worthy of not only respect, but tangible acts of thanks and care.  For those who offered the ultimate sacrifice and protected our country and its interests with their lives, thank you simply isn’t enough.  And for the loved ones left behind, the heartbreak is unimaginable.  While I couldn’t imagine saying goodbye to my husband for a deployment, I really couldn’t imagine never seeing him again due to some tragedy while serving.

Our veterans deserve our thanks, our protection, and our ultimate gratitude. If we had even one inkling of the honor they carry for the country so many have died to protect, I believe we would hold all military men and women in much higher esteem.  When they come home, we as their fellow countrymen should go out of our way to show appreciation for the things we know they did, and the horrors we’ll probably never know about.

Thank you does not seem like enough, but it certainly can be a start.  When we have a heart of gratitude towards those who have stood in harm’s way on my behalf and your behalf, and protected American interests and security despite any other circumstance, there is nothing better than recognizing the sacrifice, acknowledging the sacrifice, and expressing genuine gratitude for the sacrifice.

To the veterans I know, and the veterans I don’t, THANK YOU.  On behalf of my family, my children, and my freedom, THANK YOU.

May you enjoy your special day of honor, but may we not only keep our gratitude to one single day a year.  May we all remember to thank you whenever we meet you.




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