Saturday Work Day = Fun Day

This morning, after a leisurely breakfast and slow waking-up time, the family (minus Hannah, who needed to stay home and work on schoolwork) loaded up cleaning supplies and motivation and headed over to yet another property that needed a sprucing up. Todd’s latest house was almost ready for its first open house, but there were several small projects to complete, and a boatload of drywall dust to remove from the floors and other surfaces. Since we’re all old enough (me, just barely!) to help out, all hands were on deck and ready to go. Although Todd knew the place well and had designed and overseen the entire remodel process, it was the first time any of us except Patrick had seen it. Here are some before pictures of what we walked into…

A cozy back room, complete with a fireplace that needed some cleaning TLC.  Ummmm…..Ben, you take that one, OK?


A quick look at the kitchen when we first walked in, complete with Todd already giving cleaning ideas and the boys thinking, “WHAT WERE WE THINKING!?!”


An eat-in kitchen isn’t all that inviting when the five-gallon paint buckets are in the way. Clearly, we had some work to do!


Another look at the kitchen before we all jumped in and got to work.


Patrick knew his marching orders began with the yards, both front and back, which included a copious amount of leaves. He and Andrew didn’t waste any time getting down to business, and the only sticking point between them was deciding who got to use the leaf blower…and who had to use the rake. Patrick was chivalrous for the purpose of this picture, anyway!


Todd gave Andrew a quick tutorial on the many merits of the leaf blower. I was in the bathroom peeking out of the window, but I’m not sure that Andrew heard much other than “When you use the leaf blower….blah blah blah…” and just hopped with excitement until it was in his hands.


Brendan happily dragged the vacuum cleaner downstairs (carefully, carefully, so no marks were left on the walls) and had a great time “making lines” on the carpet in every room. He did such a good job that he took pictures of his work. They appear later on.




Ben used the shop vac several different times throughout the day, and became quite adept at its features.


Chloe excitedly accepted the title of “Lightbulb Helper for Daddy” and followed him around from room to room while they made sure that every room had proper lighting.


Todd’s signature front door and house address, looking good! (Who is that creeper peeking out the front door?!?)


At some point, although it really breaks up the momentum of the work day, we had to stop and eat lunch. I guess the paid help can at least expect a few calories to get them through the rest of the day…. Here are the two work buddies enjoying a Coke and a smile.


After lunch, it was BACK TO WORK. Ben and Brendan did such a good job cleaning up the fireplace and surrounding brick, and after it was clean, Todd freshened it up with some black paint. Looks much better now!


Chloe was the resident “broomer” of the day, and with the combination of open doors and leaves blowing in the wind, she had a full work day! Nevertheless, she completed her work with a happy heart (except when she was hungry)!


Brendan took over the floor cleaning job from Todd. I think we have a child who enjoys cleaning the floors. And I am totally happy about that. Notice the counters are still cluttered at this point…


Andrew drew the short straw and had to scrape the paint droplets off the hallway wood…


Ben took a short break to watch his dad install the towel racks in the bathroom.


When you sit down to help your son scrape paint droplets off the floor, you notice how nicely the floors actually look…. Here’s the view from the floor. I’m happy to say that I didn’t just snap pictures all day; I also cleaned those wood floors.


Some shots of the kitchen all but ready to be sold tomorrow at the open house. It looks fantastic!




Hey…how did those guys get in the shot?!





This is a terrible picture, and I’m so upset that I didn’t think to take it before it got dark. Not only are two kids’ eyes closed, but Brendan had the bright idea to flip off Andrew’s hat at the exact instant I took the shot. Still, I left it in. Good times.


And now, the last picture of the day…As we had a quick dinner reward, Todd read a book to the kids and they are drawn to him reading faster than moths to a light.


It was a long day, but we enjoyed working together to get the job done! The kids did great and there was very little complaining at all. That always makes for a more pleasant day…And it helped my attitude as well.

Hooray for open houses!


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