Nothing special, but thankful just to *be*…

In my ever-expanding attempt to avoid the many things I have on my plate (editing, homeschooling, housecleaning, science and art-project-ing, etc. )  I spent several moments tonight perusing a few of the “really good bloggers” out there.  There are several “really good bloggers” out there, in case you were wondering.  Momastery is one, and Finding Joy is another. There are so many more. They can offer insight, encouragement, laughter, experience, and just a feeling that we aren’t alone in this journey called life. I enjoy their writing so much, and yet, sometimes I can’t help but feel a teeny bit jealous of their successes in the blogosphere. But then, as I ruminate further, I wonder if I would really be a worthy celebrity blogger. In short: probably not. I am not a good spokesperson for the homeschool movement (unless our motto can be “Drop into bed knowing you clawed through one more day!”) and I’m definitely not Martha Stewart (with my white stove and microwave, stainless steel refrigerator, and black dishwasher kitchen combo, complete with peeling paint on my cabinets, thanks to a certain redhead a few years ago during her artistic Peeling Period), and I’m certainly not in line for Mother of the Year after that “Give me peace and quiet or give me death!!” speech late last week.

But then…I think a little bit longer and a little bit harder.

I have a kitchen that works and my appliances are all running (thankful for that dishwasher most of all. I will NEVER tire of hearing the whir of that treasure washing our dishes clean!) and my fridge is full of food my family can enjoy…well, except for that sketchy lettuce that has been hiding in the back of the drawer… So who really cares if they match? Can I please give myself grace to accept working appliances trump matching ones all day long?

My husband works HARD so I can stay home with the kids and have the absolute privilege of schooling them. That is a huge gift he selflessly gives to his family. I get to rejoice in the discoveries (“I read it, Mommy!”), gnash my teeth at the challenges (“Algebra is killing me!”…oh wait, I said that…), and repeat “STAY IN YOUR SEAT AND FINISH YOUR WORK!” more times than I care to record. My desk is almost always a mess of papers, maps, resources, and flashcards. I’m I don’t think our school room will ever be actually clean and/or organized for longer than five minutes at a time. The art of my walls is a timeline. Most days, I’m OK with that.

Our family is healthy, which is a statement so many of the people I know right now cannot say. My heart breaks as I hear new revelations of illness and struggles, on a daily basis it seems lately. I look around my home and it is filled with beautiful, healthy, lovely children, and I cannot deny that I have been profoundly blessed.

Yesterday, I also read this convicting devotional that really struck a chord with me. Read it here Nobody needs to see what I do–or read what I do–in order for it to be any more or less important. What a needed reminder for me to slap me back to the reality that I needed.

I’m really trying to take that to heart today and every day. Do what I’ve been called to do, rely on the One who has called and equipped me to do it, and when necessary, just put my head down and get. to. work.

And most of all, try to enjoy every day!


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