Happy birthday, Ben and Chloe

It’s November 5 again… the day we get to celebrate two of our children’s birthdays. Hard to believe these two not only share a birthday–albeit five years apart–but also entered the world within three minutes of each other and weighed exactly the same weight. Life is crazy like that and with me being a numbers kind of gal, that really strikes a chord with me.

There are some things that seem to repeat and repeat as time goes by. We moved into this house five weeks before Benjamin arrived back in 2002, and in the afternoons while our first three kids napped, when I should have been unpacking and organizing my house, I played on the computer instead. (Like I said, not much has changed over the past eleven years…) I remember sitting in the living room looking out across the street to the tree that proceeded to turn brilliant fall colors. Every day, it seemed, as my due date creeped closer, I would notice more and more leaves fallen to the ground. The day or so before Ben arrived, the tree was bare. In the years since, I have watched that tree with great interest as October ends and November begins, and every year, the trees leaves drop in total right before November 5. This year was no different: we woke up today and once again, the tree was bare. I love that cyclical occurrence; it is comforting in its routine and predictability.

Just like the leaves fall every year, the birthday buddies keep growing older. Today marks Ben’s eleventh birthday, and Chloe’s sixth. We are so blessed to have them as part of our little family and pray all of God’s blessings upon them in their next year of life.

A few days before their birthday, they got to celebrate with Nonnie and Papa and have the traditional “birthday donut” from their grandparents. Everybody smiles for donuts!


The birthday girl and boy share another smile as they open a gift or two…(Ben’s face looks like he’s reacting to his Papa Fennell having just told him yet another corny joke!)


Daddy came home with a bouquet of roses for the birthday girl, who was grinning from ear to ear:


On each of their birthdays, I let the kids choose whatever dinner they would like to have. Tonight Chloe and Ben decided on beef enchiladas with oreo cheesecakes for dessert, two favorite recipes in our home. We devoured the enchiladas, so sadly there are no pictures to share. If you’d like the recipe for the enchiladas, click here.  For the cheesecakes, click here.

I did, however, snap a shot of the mini cheesecakes.  As I told a friend earlier…I tend to overbake…


The birthday kiddos smiling before we sang to them and lit their candles.





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