November 2: the day we invaded the Golden Corral

See this couple?


These are my incredibly generous, selfless parents. They have made the trip down I-75 every year since 1998 when Todd, Hannah, and I moved back to Kentucky from Korea and settled in the Bluegrass. It has become tradition, as far as they are able (barring a pair of broken femurs, you know…everyone has his or her limits!) to visit us for each of their grandkids’ birthdays. We even tried to make it easy on them and have two boys almost share a birthday in June, and two kids actually share a birthday in November. That takes it down to four trips that they take each year to make sure their grandkids know they are loved and special. In addition to that, my mom often brings a decorated birthday cake for said birthday child (or children), AND they insist on taking the Tighe family as a whole out for a “birthday dinner.”

This year, the birthday boy and girl chose Golden Corral. Actually, Ben had chosen this fine establishment two years ago, but when we arrived at the restaurant, the parking lot was inexplicably full and the line to get in was out the door and around the building. After making two passes around the lot looking for an empty parking space while spying the line which didn’t seem to be budging in the slightest, we made the tough decision that Ben’s choice for his birthday dinner would not be at the Golden Corral…at least not that year. Thankfully, Ben is an easy going, flexible guy, and although he was certainly disappointed, he handled it well.  Chloe was too little to even notice that our plans had changed. 🙂

We were not shut out this time, however, and walked right in. Or should I say stormed? Plowed? Sashayed? Traipsed? All of the above? There are enough of us in the group that we may well have each chosen one of those methods for an entrance and run with it. (all except my Mom, of course. She walked slowly, carefully, and deliberately…Oh, those broken legs jokes never get old…)

It was an enjoyable dinner hour tonight, full of the foods everyone wanted to eat, with no complaining. The kiddos enjoyed the cotton candy bar (as you can see below) and most had fun filling their own ice cream cones. We had a good time!

Here are some pictures from our evening out…


Andrew loves his cotton candy!




The almost-birthday boy sits casually in his seat,  relishing his ice cream.






The almost-birthday girl tried to affix gummi bears to the side of her ice cream cone, but one fell off just before I snapped this picture!






I captured an action shot of Hannah sharing a funny story with her Nonnie and Papa….





Patrick.  Just Patrick.





Ben chose to integrate our studies of Ancient history with cotton candy while at dinner.





Meanwhile, Brendan sided with pop culture and emulated Duck Dynasty….





What goes well after an ice cream cone?  COTTON CANDY, of course!  Shhh, don’t tell my parents that she had both at dinner!! (Oh….wait….)






These three miscreants caused trouble in the backseat on the way back home, presumably high on sugar from the ice cream, or cotton candy, or apple pie, or….or….






All in all, we came home happy, full, and thankful.   We are blessed to be able to share these times with my parents, and so thankful that we can!





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