(Kick) the Summer Bucket List 2013

It is two short days into the new season of autumn, and lovely though it has been, I already miss summer. Actually, I began to miss summer back on August 12 when we started the new school year, so you’d think I would be resigned to the fact that the sunny season is in fact over. Never. I love everything about the summertime, and always lament its exit, which always seems too soon. This year has been no exception, but with the slightly cooler and definitely rainier summer, it felt like, in some ways, we got cheated out of a real summer. Perhaps that’s why our summer bucket list went unfinished throughout June, July, and August, until one morning we woke up and the Labor Day weekend was upon us. As we surveyed just how many boxes of our grand summer plans chart were still empty, panic began to sweep over us.

Well, maybe I exaggerate just a tad…but I was extremely disappointed to realize that we would not finish our list. Something had to be done.

Todd and I brainstormed an idea to have a one-day cram session in an attempt to cross everything remaining off the list. We called our good friends (who had also made one part of the list for the summer) and introduced our idea to them: we’d invade their house, and in return, they’d help us kick the (summer) bucket (list)! Of course, being fun-loving friends who usually seem to be up for a challenge, they agreed. And so it was settled. We would send summer out right.

Among the items on the docket, we planned to swim in the pool, eat too much delicious food at a cookout/potluck, set off some fireworks, “enjoy” a water balloon fight, have a bonfire with s’mores, rubber band a watermelon…

Wait. Rubber banding a watermelon? What in Sam Hill does that mean, you ask?! We got the original inspiration from Ralph, our brother-in-law, who showed us a YouTube video from two men calling themselves The Slow Mo Guys. You can watch the video here:

Yep. We wanted to do THAT. But really, can you blame us? Isn’t that so CRAZY cool?!

If it’s true that crossing things off your to do list releases endorphins, we were setting ourselves up for quite the high!

I wish I could say that the day was a complete success and we completed everything we set out to do, but I can’t. What we did do, however, was completely enjoy the last official Sunday of summer and wrap up what could go down on record as perhaps the shortest feeling seasons on record. Many thanks to our dear cohorts for the laughs and the friendship. You helped us kick the summer bucket list in style, Hagan family!

Below are a few highlights from the afternoon of hysteria… err, I mean, laid back relaxation.

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Goodbye, Summer 2013!! We shall miss you!


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