Obligatory post

I think the same thing happened the last time I participated in NaBloPoMo: inevitably I have run aground in the sea of ideas. Sure, every day has its own flurry of activity around these parts and this week has been especially busy with musical auditions, cast list announcements, and the practicum. But nothing sounds good. Like sitting at a restaurant, looking over the menu, but not seeing anything worth ordering.

Perhaps it’s because I used up all my words talking to tutors this afternoon for three hours and have nothing left to share. That’s a good excuse, right? (In a side note, I have totally enjoyed the opportunity to share with the group of tutors that have been in my class. As someone who refused to open her mouth in many a discussion class in college, who knew I actually had so much to say?) I think that’s it. My brain was fried as of 4:10 this afternoon (my time management skills need some tweaking and we ran a tad late!)

For now, sleep is more important than writing. Hopefully my word bank will replenish itself while I sleep and be ready for the last day of teaching.


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