An excited bundle of nerves

Tomorrow will be the first day of the fifth three day parent practicum I’ve attended since joining a Classical Conversations campus with my family in 2009. Over the course of the three days, the morning session speaker will address a large crowd of homeschool parents and encourage them in their journey. Normally I eat up this kind of stuff, but tomorrow morning I think I’ll be quite distracted. In the afternoon sessions, the large group breaks up into smaller groups of training sessions for tutors of the different age levels and parents, and this will be my second year to act as a tutor trainer. A fellow tutor and I will hold a class of 15-20 tutors and help prepare them for the year ahead: from the big picture to the details of our morning routine. It’s a three-day, nine hour training, and we’ve been preparing for weeks.

I’m nervous! Never in a million light years would I have foreseen myself standing up in front of a group of anyone, let alone my peers and speaking for any length of time. But over the years, that has become more and more a regular occurrence. It began with childbirth classes, which was a small venue. Still, when I started that I was way out of my comfort zone but felt so strongly about the material and the education that I pushed past my insecurities. I’m so glad. And now it’s transitioned to the homeschool arena I suppose, and I feel equally passionate about classical education and our community. So I will once again step out of my comfortable zone of sitting several rows back and listening to others, and hopefully be a servant leader to other tutors, both new and experienced.

And speaking of listening to others, during tomorrow’s morning session, I may have to ask someone for notes. I have the feeling that I’ll be nervously flipping through my slides and notes, trying to feel extra prepared for when it’s time to start.


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