Up North

It’s been less than a week since my mom fell and broke both of her femur bones. In the time since then, she’s had two surgeries in two days to place pins in her legs to repair the damage–one leg severely broken and the other a stress fracture. She was in the hospital until today when she was moved to an inpatient rehabilitation center where she will receive daily therapy to get her (literally) back on her feet. Doctors say to expect about a two-week stay before being discharged for additional physical therapy on an outpatient basis. In total, the doctors realistically report that it will be a six-month recovery journey for my mom.

I made the trip to Michigan today with four of the six kids to see Mom. Ben and Brendan will stay here for about a week with my Dad to help him around the house, visit with their Nonnie, and keep Papa company. Andrew and Chloe will go home with me on Friday, and we will come back to get the B buddies next week sometime. Hopefully the boys will be a blessing to my dad and enjoy the time they get to spend with him.

Overall, Mom is recovering well. By the time we arrived, she had been transferred to a new facility, which was not as nice as the hospital had been. My dad and brothers and sis-in-law raved about her care at St. John’s hospital, but since her transfer it has gone downhill. It took until close to midnight to get authorization for her pain meds, which meant that on her third post-op day from two major surgeries, pain meds were kept from her from 9:30 in the morning until midnight. That alone was ridiculous. I understand that the law says that a doctor mist sign off on controlled substances, but I gave three words for that: two broken femurs. Get something done. Quickly. My dad stayed with her and repeatedly asked for action, but it was so very slow in coming. I have many more things to say about the quality of care Mom has–or more accurately, has not–received in her short stay at this particular facility, but I will refrain. For starters, however, in case you’re wondering, just because someone had surgery on her broken leg bones does not mean she’s either deaf or mentally deficient. It’s not necessary to either yell or speak slowly. Or both. Let’s just say we’re hopeful that we can find a new place for Mom tomorrow.

My mom is used to an active lifestyle and the summer months are her favorite time of year. It’s heartbreaking to think that she will be missing most of June in a hospital bed, working to be able to get up by herself. I know how much she and my dad enjoy spending countless hours outside in the warm months of summer, and I pray that her attitude stays good about putting in the time and effort to get stronger so she can come home. I also pray for protection against complications as she heals.

Tomorrow it seems we will be on the phone trying to work on some sort of transfer. Hopefully that will be smooth and effortless, for everyone’s sake…but especially for Mom’s.


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