What a fantastic–and simple!!–idea!

Last year was my first opportunity to act as a tutor trainer for Classical Conversations, the homeschool community we have been a part of since 2009.  (For more information about CC, please click here for a thorough explanation.)  Although it took many hours of preparation, I enjoyed the chance to share my experiences and the CC vision with other tutors immensely, and it was a springboard for my own preparation for the year ahead.  One of the biggest discoveries I made while searching for new memory work ideas was something called “The Big G”–a chart that makes learning liquid volume equivalents a breeze.   Seriously, when I stumbled upon this, I was inordinately excited about it.   Talk about the perfect teaching tool: it’s visual, it’s easily replicated by the child, and in keeping with the classical model for educating our children, they can begin with a blank sheet of paper and quickly draw the big G as a reminder of the equivalents they’ve learned.  So what does this little bit of genius look like, you might wonder?  Here’s my NOT artistically bent rendering of “The Big G” for your viewing pleasure (with maybe a few chortles thrown in…):


OK, so I warned you.  No artistic (or medical) training here, but that’s part of the beauty of this.  Anyone can draw it.  We need to teach our students that there are:

8 oz in 1 cup

2 cups in 1 pint

2 pints in 1 quart

4 quarts in 1 gallon

This picture does ALL of that!  What you probably cannot see is the eight little teeny dots inside the Cs that stand for the ounces.  Genius.

And lest you think I was all alone in my excitement for this teaching tool, when I unfurled it to my group of tutors, they all properly “oohed” and “aaahed” over it like I’d hoped they would, snapping pictures of it with their phones.  At least I think it was for them to use in their classrooms.  I don’t *think* it was for proof that I really can only draw flies.  But maybe…

In any case, rock on, Big G.  I love you.


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