Pop! Goes (in) the freezer

Here’s a fun and easy (albeit messy!) recipe that just about anyone can whip up.   It took three ingredients to make these, and the first time I had the kids try them, they all gave two thumbs up.
We love popsicles around here, but red dye is something to be feared.  It does strange things to children–and usually at the most inappropriate times.  I won’t say that we’ve banned all red from our house, but I’ve been itching to try something different to put in the freezer for the kids.
The first step was to buy popsicle molds.  These fit the bill perfectly:
Next, tell one of your small children that today is the day he can use a knife.  A real knife.  Watch his face light up.   Instruct him how to properly use said knife to prepare the strawberries for their food processor fate.
(Look at that concentration!)
Here is his finished product ready to be pureed:



Yep, ’em are strawberries.  Indeed.

Then, tell the kids they can blend the fire out of the berries and watch them go to town…
The recipe I found online calls for a splash of lemon juice…but even with just three little ingredients, I seem to be missing one and need to make a substitution.  Lime juice to the rescue!

(you can’t see its superhero cape; I’ve wrapped it behind the back of the bottle.  Rest assured, however, that this little bottle saved the day!)

After strawberries and lime (or lemon) juice, add vanilla yogurt.  Then see their big smiles.
Then comes the messy part.  I had to spoon the mixture into each form, and I didn’t consistently hit the mark.  Eventually, however, they got filled and I had a bonus little mess to clean up.
Here they are ready to go into the freezer!  Tomorrow we’ll have freezer pops for lunch!

There really isn’t any formal recipe to go with this, but tonight I put 1 lb of strawberries into the food processor and blended well and fruit is smooth.  Add a splash of lemon or lime juice and about 1.5 cups of vanilla yogurt.  Food process just until ingredients are blended.  Carefully spoon into popsicle forms.  I dare you not to spill and make your hands a sticky mess before you fill them all.  Freeze several hours until firm.  Run under hot water briefly to release pop before serving.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. School of Fish
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 12:14:53

    Looks scrumptious and fun to make! Where did you get your popsicle molds from? We just had to retire a set – they were so hard to get out after freezing and the plastic handles actually broke last time in the process. We can’t do yogurt, but I’ll try these out with the kiddos with Almond Milk and see how it goes. 🙂


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