It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s our Christmas tree!!!

Amid all the fun of constructing a sugar house with sugar icing and sugar decorations, there was some “work” that had to be done.  We had a naked tree in our living/school room that needed to be dressed for the season.  Knowing full well that our schedule for the week would be full with school, volleyball, and work, I realized that if we didn’t manage to get to it today, it very well might go undecorated until next weekend.  That did not sound too acceptable to me, especially since we had the time and the inclination (a combination that sometimes doesn’t ever meet up).  The boys dutifully brought up the boxes that I think we’ve used since 1999, and we embarked upon Tighe Tree Trimming 2012.   This year was more pleasant than some in recent memory:  ornaments were passed out with little extra grabby hands, and although there’s always a bit of “How come Hannah has so many ornaments with her name on them?!” whining (which makes sense, especially since she’s been collecting ornaments for up to ten years longer than her youngest sibling.  As if we could amassed ornaments before we knew you’d be joining our family?  But try to explain that to a five year old.  I dare you.)  The tree had the usual clumpy look to it, as it is the way of the child to try and cram at least 27 bulbs and decorations on one branch.  Not to worry, though.  Hannah’s job this year was to walk around the tree and move anything necessary to even out the overall look.   She did a fantastic job.  Our tree is definitely an eclectic mix of old and new decorations that would probably send Martha Stewart into cardiac arrest.  You know what, though, I don’t care what Martha Stewart would think of our tree.  Every bell, every homemade star, and every ornament (from the Veggie Tales train to the creepy Santa heads) makes up a memory of our lives together.  It’s a wonderful trip down memory lane when we open each box every year.

Patrick took pictures for a while, and he’s responsible for many of the shots, but at some point Brendan took over and I’ve included many of his pictures as well.   I figured the best way to capture the evening would be to just include them all.  This year, I do believe Andrew wins the award for silliest portraits!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My guess is that it will be quite difficult to get back into the swing of school tomorrow morning….




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  1. Anna
    Nov 26, 2012 @ 07:57:34

    Mike’s description of the beloved “Santa Head’s” would be the same as yours, “Creepy”! Mom must have given those to us……..since we all have them.
    My favorite (and I’m sure yours as well) is the Debbie stocking.
    Great pictures! I am enjoying living your lives with you through your blog. It’s been fun.


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