By wisdom a house is built, but our gingerbread house is constructed with sugar…lots of sugar!

It’s been a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I must say.  The weather was nice until Thanksgiving night, so the kids got to play outside and run around before the cold front passed through.   We enjoyed a relaxed holiday watching football, hanging out, and eating delicious food.  The kids got to have a sleepover with their cousins.  Black Friday was relatively painless and rather productive with some timely purchases without long lines.  It was a heavenly change to take a break from school and all the rigors therein.

Today we decided to begin the process of Christmasing the house, on the last day before we get back to work and school tomorrow.  Because he loves a good deal (and a good deal of turkey), Todd had snagged a 20lb turkey for a steal a couple weeks ago, and it had been thawing for the appropriate amount of days in the fridge.  After church, we made a quick stop at the grocery store to get a few items and rent a movie, before coming home.  Todd immediately started his prep on the turkey.   He has all but perfected his technique for cooking the fowl, and today was no exception.  It did not take long for the aroma of turkey to permeate the house.  While that was working away, we also brought bins and boxes upstairs from the Christmas closet in preparation for decoration.  There was even a bit of time in there for a walk in the mild afternoon while the kids entertained themselves.

One of the activities on our agenda today was something we’ve never done here as a family: a gingerbread house.   How have we missed that?  Most years, the kids fashioned one at their Nonnie Tighe’s house during one of their afternoon trips, but this year, Todd wanted to do one of our own.  It turned out to be a delightful project.  Everyone got in on the action and everyone enjoyed adding their own personal touches.  Although we somehow missed the VERY important “allow icing 15 minutes to dry before decorating house” instruction which resulted in a bit of decoration droop, we were able to successfully repair the facade of the house with little lasting damage.  And somehow we managed to use all the candy on the house with none being eaten….yet.

Here are an assortment of pictures from the assembly:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the completion of the gingerbread house, the turkey was done.   We didn’t plan to have a huge Thanksgiving-esque meal, but instead enjoyed delicious turkey sandwiches while beginning our family movie night.  Everyone gave Todd’s creation rave reviews.   I don’t predict leftovers lasting long.

I’m also anxious to see how many of us stay awake to the end of the movie, what with our full bellies and all….

Let the Christmas season begin!


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