Thanks, WordPress, for making me look crazy…

The past few days I’ve begun to write a daily post, to my horror, when saving a draft it somehow disappears in part. How frustrating to have a few paragraphs written only to suddenly see them gone. It’s difficult enough to have something to write about, let alone trying to repeat it once WordPress decides it is going to randomly edit. That’s what happened tonight, only I didn’t realize it until my post had been published for a couple of hours. So to any of you who may have thought I had finally gone crazy when I put up a post and video and tacked on a recipe that didn’t seem to connect to anything. Yeah….my two or three initial paragraphs were just not there…

I may be going crazy, but I don’t need additional help from a blogging program that isn’t doing me any favors. From now on I’ll be more careful when writing and posting.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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