The real nightmare is still to come…or will it be a dream come true?

Don’t we all occasionally have anxiety dreams?  I certainly do.  For a while, my recurring dream had to do with my childbirth classes.  While one might assume that I would have anxiety about presenting material or being prepared for class, that wasn’t the case at all.  Every time angst reared its ugly head in my slumber, I dreamt that it was ten minutes before class was scheduled to begin, and I had no snack prepared for my group.  Truly.  For those of you who have taken my class (and I’ve loved each of you!), you know I take my snacks seriously.  This is not to say that I didn’t work hard to prepare for the content of the class, but I always felt comfortable with that aspect.   It would definitely be a nightmare, however,  to think of pregnant women coming over with nothing to munch on.  In my dream, I would rush around in a tizzy, desperately trying to think of something that I could serve.  Silly, I know, but who can understand the human mind?  (…well, that’s sort of a silly rhetorical question, now isn’t it…) I do recall having a few dreams about pre-class time when I realized that the house–and namely the bathroom–hadn’t been cleaned.

Recently, though, my dreams have transferred from childbirth classes to CC, our homeschool group.  I have had a few “I don’t have my morning planned!” dreams or “I don’t have any of my materials with me!” visions, or the most-oft dreamed “I turned off my alarm and overslept!!!” This one actually came true one morning, which isn’t bad, considering we’ve had more than 84 early wake-ups so far.  I can handle one slip up, I suppose.  We still made it to CC in plenty of time, thankfully, but it wasn’t until Andrew and I were setting up the room that he asked, “Hey, Mama, did you mean to wear two different shoes?”  HA.  NO, I did not.   But there it was, and I was stuck with my two mismatched shoes for the entire day.  (That’ll do wonders for keeping you humble.)  I survived.   It’s good to learn to laugh at yourself, whether it’s by choice or not.

Because we have to arrive early to set up my classroom and tackle other morning jobs at CC, and because there are a few of us to shuffle out the door (and because I don’t like to wake up earlier than necessary), my Monday morning routine is planned to the minute.  Call me a control freak, but I like to make sure we are where we need to be when we need to be there.   (insert snide remarks towards me here)  It should come as no surprise, then, that Sunday night’s dream was about getting to CC on time Monday morning.  Since it was the big Thanksgiving Feast day, I was thankful that we didn’t have to pack seven lunches the night before or the morning of, but we had signed up to bring two crock pots of food, which were easily prepared the night before,  plus a dessert that I planned to bake before leaving that day.

I dreamt that Hannah and I were driving to church to drop off the food with the plan of coming back home to pick up the boys and Chloe and go back to church once we all got ready.  Suddenly, while in the van (and in my dream), I realize that it’s already 8:15 and we’re only on our way to drop food off.  According to our schedule, we’re supposed to arrive at church before 8 with everyone. This is not how the morning is supposed to go.  Mismatched shoes are instantly the least of my problems!   Neither Hannah nor I have taken a shower and I’m fairly certain that the kids at home aren’t ready, either.  Begin in-dream freak out where we frantically turn around while I am angrily asking myself WHY I would have gone through with this plan.

Then I realize the scariest part of the dream:  Hannah is the one DRIVING.

I understand that I have now had the most frightening anxiety dream of them all.  Soon our daughter will begin her driving career.  Somehow, I envision many more restless nights in my future.


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