All this, and blogging too

I believe I have run into my first real stumbling block from every day blogging: a visit from my mom and dad! Although it’s wonderful to have them here and we are excited to spend a few days with them, it will probably put a serious restriction on my countless hours of free time (cough, cough) to devote to writing. Hopefully my resolution to complete thirty days in a row will be protected. It may get a little thin for the week, however.

For now, though, I’m going to focus on spending the time with Mom and Dad. They are generous enough to travel down at least four times a year (we tried to make it easier and combine as many birthdays as possible–two in June and two in November) to help celebrate the kids. It goes without saying that the kids love having their grandparents visit and we enjoy them too! It’s almost never a dull moment around here anyway, but two more folks add even more activity. We are blessed to have them here.

Before they arrive, though, it’s no secret that our house goes through a fairly dramatic transformation to give the thinly-veiled appearance that we always manage to keep it this clean. HA! It’s also tough to get all the things crossed off the to do list while the young-ins are following behind trying to undo it. (Actually, that wasn’t true this time; since the kids knew I am still under restrictions, they went out of their way yesterday to help me out. I can’t vacuum or clean the kitchen floor yet, but they stepped up and worked hard). The problem was that there just wasn’t enough time. My list is always longer than my allotted time… And today we spent the entire day at CC–wonderful, but it left us unable to prepare the house any further. I went to bed trying to reckon with the fact that it was going to have to be “good enough” and that my parents were really coming to see us, not run an inspection. Still….a clean house is a happier house. (Well, it’s a least a better-smelling one.) Mine was going to have dirty dishes and undone stuff.

Or so I thought. While we were engaging in a day of learning, Todd had arranged for a friend to come and clean my kitchen. When he sent me pictures after lunch, I couldn’t help but feel relief. The last room on my list–the area that always gets left until last (and had a turkey and ham cooked in it yesterday afternoon)–had been cleaned beyond what I could have done. It looked lovely.

A clean house is a wonderful thing to behold…and an awesome gift to come home to after a day away.

Taking guesses on how long it will stay that way with 10 people living here.


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  1. mamacain
    Nov 12, 2012 @ 22:54:54

    Love when the lord provides just what we need even when we don’t ask for it. His favor is good! Enjoy your family!


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