Reason #4027 why I love being a mom: It’s fun



Our entire day today was spent preparing food for a pre-Thanksgiving feast/70th birthday celebration for Todd’s parents with his entire family (which was fun!) and cleaning our house in preparation for my parents’ arrival tomorrow (not always fun! The cleaning, not the visit!).  I gave little thought to blogging throughout the day, other than remembering that I had to do it.  So tonight, when I’m utterly exhausted and truly just wanting to drop into bed, I’m posting one of my favorite pictures from 2012.  Poor Andrew; he took a drink from this cup without even questioning where it came from or what was in it.  He trusted his mama.  And ewwww, of COURSE there’s nothing in it that would fall into the “urine has been collected in here” cup category, but I just couldn’t resist snapping this picture of him.  He, Chloe, and I were at the doctor, just a couple days before the beginning of summer.  You know, summer: the time where kids play outside all day, or we go to the pool and swim all day.  NOT the time when they get strep throat.  Except this was 2012, the year of crazy health problems, and on that Friday, I had not one but two children test positive for strep.  Boo.

Shame on me for taking a picture while my son was in pain.  I feel guilty…..or not…..

Perhaps one day he will forgive me…

And if you want to read a real blog post, this is quite possibly my favorite ever (also about Andrew).


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