52 days left in 2012…where has it gone?

It’s officially less than two weeks until Thanksgiving.   That’s a sobering thought to me, especially since after Thanksgiving, it seems the big rush to the end of the year will be upon us once again.  From where I sit now, like most procrastinators, it feels like there is plennnnnty of time to get it all done.   Two weeks til Thanksgiving? Great.  Four and a half weeks after that til Christmas?  Nooooo problem.   There’ll be so much time.  This year will be different.  Sure, in years past, Todd and I found ourselves up til the wee hours of the night wrapping presents we just couldn’t get to until Christmas Eve, but this year…this year, all that will change.  This year, I’ll be on top of my Christmas cards (the ones I haven’t sent out in two years for different reasons), and even though we haven’t taken our family pictures yet or even really set up the session, there’s still lots of time.  How long could it take to organize eight people’s clothes while assuming that our photographer of choice will be available on the one day our schedules intersect?  Not long, I’m certain.  I should be able to leisurely address those envelopes while my children quietly read or play at my feet, Christmas music playing softly in the background.

Then there’s the Christmas baking.  This year I’m going to make cookie dough ahead of time and freeze it, so on the days that we schedule to make our cookies, we just have to pull it out of the freezer and bake.  We’ll be as happy as the families making Rice Krispie treats on the commercials.  I’ll be able to make tins for Todd to pass out to his contractors and co-workers,  and I’ll make extras to share with friends and neighbors. Again, all the while my favorite Christmas songs are playing, but not that irritating one that starts out with the guilt-inducing, “So this is Christmas, and what have you done…”  That one really grates on me.

I’ll be able to easily make thoughtful homemade gifts for the kids’ tutors and other helpful people in their lives while singing along to the Christmas carols.  The seasonal decorations will go up in a flash in an evening of family bonding.  No hollering about how the ornaments are all clumped in one section of the tree in this house!  We all have a Martha Stewart-like knack for perfect decorating.

It will be just be glorious.  All the hustle and bustle of the holiday season will be for someone else this year, as we go into super slow-motion and just enjoy every day.  We will truly be able to focus on the reason for the season…

And then….my Pandora station abruptly changes from Christmas music to a car insurance commercial, and my lovely daydream ends.   Poof.  Just like that.   Maybe, though, just maybe, for the next 52 or so days, I can begin to focus on the most important parts of November and December and worry less about the busyness.   Maybe it all doesn’t have to get done.  Just the important stuff–the things the kids will remember long into the future, hopefully with fondness.


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  1. electrobro
    Nov 10, 2012 @ 06:27:05

    The dream sounds boring!
    Maybe you could incorporate cookie dough into 10 day cooking maybe even a Christmas themed 10 day thinngie. (Just a thought)


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