Day 8 and nothing to say…Now what?

So, it’s day 8 into the ‘blogging every day’ experiment, and I have run out of things to write about. Well, not really…but there are many topics that I probably shouldn’t delve into right now. In any case, I spent a few minutes this afternoon looking at blog post prompts to no avail. I didn’t really feel like writing about the worst costume I ever wore, or the oldest poem I remember reading, or what Christmas presents I hope to buy or receive. Nah….

I guess it’s yet another short post about the every day life around here.

The day began with a delivery from my sister-in-law, who brought me a cup of Peppermint Mocha and an encouraging word! What a treat and a needed bolster to keep on keeping on…

Thankfully, it was a better day on the homeschool front. We got our work done in a fairly efficient manner with little or no complaining (either by the kids or me). It was a fantastic day on the dinner front. Am I the only one who gets beyond tickled when dinner is prepared early, thanks to the almighty crockpot? By lunchtime, crockpot ravioli lasagna was cooking while I did anything other than think about dinner. I love that! It cooked while we wrote about the Great Sphinx of Giza (did you know that it has been buried up to the neck in sand before and has had to be dug out at least four times since the 1800s? Now you do!). It even cooked while Chloe and I tried a new pumpkin bread recipe. I googled a recipe and came upon this recipe, which claimed to be the best pumpkin bread we’d ever eat. Seriously, who could resist that?

Despite Chloe trying to dump an egg, shell and all, into the batter and me forgetting to set the timer after putting the loaves into the oven, the bread turned out well. Except that it stuck to the pan slightly, which only helped me to “try it out” for “quality control.” I would never want to serve some less-than delicious pumpkin bread to my family. Alas, since it was kind of a bloody mess when it came out of the pans, here’s the only picture we’ve got: as they go into the oven…

What? No picture? Busted I have been. Even the picture of the loaves going into the oven didn’t look great, so I nixed it. Go back and click on the original recipe. She sells the recipe not only with calling it the best bread you’ll ever eat but also with wicked awesome pictures. Needless to say, we Tighes can polish off an entire loaf because of our strength in numbers.

And now, after two late nights in a row, I’m looking forward to picking up Hannah from volleyball practice, so we can tuck the kids in bed. Then I will promptly and happily collapse into my bed until tomorrow, when we start it all over again. 🙂



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  1. ballet you say
    Nov 08, 2012 @ 23:24:04

    Why yes, I did know that the Sphinx has been buried up to his neck in sand and has been dug out 4 times. Ask me how I know! hahahaha


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