In the middle of the tough stuff, a laugh…

Since the musical came to a whirlwind of an ending (har har) last weekend and school started in earnest this past Monday, I’ve been kept from my blogging opportunities. There weren’t enough hours in the day to get everything necessary done, let alone time for the things I really enjoy doing, so my posting has suffered. Even though I’m years behind on the things that need to be done before today ends, I had to take a moment and record this so I would remember long into the future.

We began our homeschool group on Monday, and as usual, I didn’t feel prepared. Even though this is my third year as a tutor, I’m starting to get the idea that I’ll never feel ready, but that’s a different story altogether. In any case, I have the privilege of leading Andrew’s class again this year, and we have the blessing of three girls with us instead of an all-boys group. I was hoping that my youngest son would have matured over the summer, allowing him to sit for periods of time longer than required to take a deep breath and to keep at least some of the thoughts that entered his head from spilling right out of his mouth. Alas, since I had spent the summer with this child, I should have known better. We still have a long way to go. I’m OK with that. Still, there are some rules of the classroom that should be followed during our class time, and for Andrew, that just didn’t happen on Week 1. Even though I was mentally exhausted after returning home later that afternoon, I knew that today’s neglected behavior nuisances would surely balloon into next week’s behavior train wrecks, so I told Andrew to go sit on our bed so we could have a “discussion” about the day’s activities.

A few minutes passed between me sending him to the room and me going back there to talk to him, but when I finally did, I didn’t find him where I expected to; instead he was lying on his floor completely covered in a blanket. Figuring that he had fallen asleep waiting for me, I walked back out and set the timer in the kitchen for twenty minutes. If he felt anything like me, I reasoned, he was exhausted and a cat nap would do him good. While the timer ran, I tried to get little jobs done in the kitchen. Imagine my surprise when just a few minutes later, I found an awake Andrew sitting on the floor in the family room with all the other kids. He saw my raised eyebrows and mouth opened (ready to ask what he thought he was doing out of the bedroom where I’d sent him), and immediately jumped up and exclaimed, “It’s OK, Mommy. I smacked myself on the butt on the way out.”

He truly seemed surprised (and more that a little disappointed!) when I explained (while trying really hard not to collapse into laughter) that it didn’t work that way and sent him to the back once more.

Oh, that boy.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah Cain
    Aug 25, 2011 @ 13:43:57

    That is hilarious!!!

    Hopefully Week2 will be much improved 🙂


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