Post #100: Chloe’s latest battle wound

I mentioned before that I wanted to have 100 posts before my blog turned a year old, small potatoes though I may be. It’s been a lively and entertaining year of tracking our events, challenges, and changes–at least from my perspective. While I leave big-time blogging to the professionals, I can aspire to amuse my little corner of the world with our musings and happenings. So as I wondered what I could do to make the 100th post something special, life continued all around me. I should have known that I wouldn’t have to dream something up: in this house, we could have a motto similar to many state’s weather motto of “if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes” and say “The Tighe house. If it seems too quiet, wait five minutes.”

Let me give the back story…

We continued our fun-filled weekend yesterday at the first installment of Summer Sunday Nights: Kid Version when we arrived at church for an evening of pizza, a movie for the youngins and a teaching for the older kids, a rousing 87 rounds of capture the flag, and a water balloon fight. Seriously, if you’re a kid, could you ask for anything better?! (As with most things, in order for the kids to have a good time, lots of behind the scenes work has to go on, and in this case there were several people–and you know who you are!–who spent more time than they probably originally signed up for filling roughly 1500 water balloons. Kudos to the backstage hands who make it possible–and probably could go many years before having the desire to fill another balloon.)

Here’s just a snapshot of the kids hurling balloons at each other. The sound of them laughing and hollering is so great. And who’s that big kid that also threw a couple?!

water balloon fight from Deb Tighe on Vimeo.

When the evening finally came to an end and we gathered everyone up to go home (plus one, Andrew’s friend Josiah, who came along for an impromptu sleepover), like good children, they fought having to go straight to bed. Since the fireflies are out in full force now and it’s still a treat to go capture them, everyone went outside to see if they could get a few. We now have about 15 in our firefly container. Oh joy. And what else could follow that but trampoline jumping in the dark? Everyone except Hannah and Patrick spent about twenty minutes hooting and hollering on the trampoline having what sounded like a gay ole time. When they came in just after 10:00, I noticed that Chloe had a dark spot under her eye. She hadn’t been crying, but was quick to tell me that Andrew’s foot had come into contact with her eye. Andrew was equally quick to assure me that it was only an accident and there had been no malice in his foot.

Here we see Josiah and Andrew spending some quality time with each other on the comfy chair.


I’m going to say right now that my pictures are terrible throughout, but they’re all I’ve got. So here’s what her eye looked like last night:


Here are a few of what she looked like this morning:


Clearly it doesn’t hurt her too much today, although last night she crawled up in my lap and told me, “I just prayed that Jesus would help my eye stop stinging.”

She’s trying to pose like the big girls do for their pictures, I suppose. What a funny girl, even with a purple eye.


As I recall what happened about a year ago with Chloe trying to climb out of her crib and the resulting cast, I think we’d all take a black eye over a pink cast any day.

Now….where did those kids go and why is it so quiet in the house????



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