Evening bike ride to the park

Whenever any one–or more than one–of our kids are taken away from the mix of our family, strange things happen. For one thing, it’s quieter in general. Depending on who is missing, it can be considerably quieter! This weekend, Hannah and Patrick had the opportunity to travel with their Nonnie and Papa Tighe first to Ohio to visit with their aunt, uncle, and cousins, and then to Michigan to visit with their great-grandmother and other relatives. I would imagine that these two would be the most fun to travel with, especially since they’re the oldest of our family and the most self-sufficient. Having them gone, however, makes me realize how helpful they are around the house and with the younger children.

While they’ve been gone, we had the chance to walk to the park, which is something we rarely do. But since Chloe had her new bike and was anxious to try it out, we all took a walk/ride to the nearby park after dinner. It took quite a while to get there, which made me repeat the mantra of “the joy is in the journey, the joy is in the journey!” and didn’t leave us much time to actually play at the park. Nevertheless, the kids seemed to enjoy it (except for Andrew constantly taking off his shoe and trying in vain to clean his feet). I managed to take a string of pictures of them being themselves and thought I’d share.

It’s been a treat to spend time with just the youngest four!

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