Help us plan our anniversary!

Just about every morning, as I’m getting ready for the day, Todd and I listen to a radio show that covers “This date in history.” It includes mostly entertainment news, but also history, and even the “If you were born on this day in 1987, happy 24th birthday! This song was number one on the day you were born!” (Incidentally, the number one song in 1987 on June 7 was “Always” by Atlantic Starr…Wow, do I feel old!) Almost every day it strikes me when the DJ says those years are now 20, 25, or even more years past, and I can remember what I was doing then–and it wasn’t enjoying my infancy. The years are ticking by, and like I’ve heard from so many other people, they seem to be going faster and faster. How is that possible? As my own kids speed towards adulthood, I’m trying not to blink.

Today marks the day that I graduated from high school…twenty years ago. How. can. that. be?!? (Again, the number one song on the day we graduated was “More than Words” by Extreme, which I probably could have figured out if I’d been given a minute. On our senior canoe trip, we literally sang that song ad nauseum for the entire trip up and the entire trip back in the bus by rewinding our cassette player–something we’ll have to tell our kids about. I bet we all sang it in the canoes as we paddled down the river in the northern part of lower Michigan. I’m pretty sure we repeated it a few more hundred times as we settled into our tents that night, cringing from the sunburns we all got. Ahhh, memories.) As difficult as it may be to wrap the brain around, graduation was in fact twenty years ago tonight. I remember one of the speakers that night proclaim “I see 173 winners before me” (he must have been one of the forerunners for abolishing the valedictorian honor.) Since I’ve lost touch with many of our classmates, I don’t know if that’s entirely true, but nevertheless, we left those halls and made our way in the world, just as the teary speakers told us we would on that hot June evening.

That’s not what I originally sat down to write about, however. As Todd and I approach another milestone of our life together, we find ourselves in a dilemma of sorts. Next week, we will celebrate our fifteenth wedding anniversary. If you’d like to read about the way we marked our other fourteen anniversaries, click here and here. Our dilemma comes from trying to figure out how to celebrate. In some respects, if we don’t work to make it special, does that mean it won’t be special? We both agree that fifteen years is a big deal! On the other hand, can we only make it special by going a little crazy and spending too much for something we’d have to take the next fifteen years paying off?

This is where you can come in. Help us think of creative ways to celebrate #15 together. I welcome any and all suggestions, including: if money were no object; if money were not available; most outrageous way to celebrate June 15, and so on. We are at a loss and need your help!

Thanks in advance. Our happy anniversary may very well depend on it.

Look how YOUNG we look! Wow.


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  1. Steph
    Jun 08, 2011 @ 09:34:16

    Can you believe we graduated that many years ago? It is soooo strange! Thought we knew so much and were so excited to get out in it and here we are in the thick of it. Kids are the biggest blessing in all the 20 years and God has blessed us with some of the cutest ones at that.

    So I know it may not be the typical, anniversary is very special, but I think you should coordinate those beautiful little blessings into your plans. Maybe you could re-inact your engagement when Todd asked you to marry him and let your kids see how it all went down. Then you can employ them all as little servers to give you a wonderful dinner to see how all these years with them has only strengthened you as a couple.

    You know I’m a schmuck for rolling down memory lane and looking at old movies and pictures and talking about times gone by is my favorite thing to do! The kids will learn more about you then they ever knew was possible that way 😉

    Congrats to you both and no matter what you do praise God for the wonderful blessing of your marriage and that beautiful family of yours! Wish you guys lived in Michigan but I guess you becoming a Southerner ain’t so bad either! XOXO


  2. anna
    Jun 11, 2011 @ 08:18:14

    Stay in your honeymoon cabin……of course!!!!


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