If I.T. guys ruled the world….. (ha ha, they do!)

So I’ve been waiting and wondering (with a little worrying thrown in there for good measure) about the condition of my laptop since its episode last week. Knowing that Todd has his hands full (it’s not just an expression for moms of many, let me assure you!) with his work projects and deadlines, I just figured I’d quietly wait for him to have time to attack my computer. I don’t know what my problem is with machines, but I seem to be Midas’s doppelganger in that regard. I touch it and my computer turns to a blue screen.

BUT…without asking or prompting, yesterday Todd sat down and tackled the hot mess I’d created and somehow, somehow got it back up and running. I’m blogging from it right now. Hip hip hooray doesn’t even seem to start to encompass how happy and relieved I am to see that he was able to repair it! For now, I have a fully functioning laptop!!

Miracles never cease……I thought this was a goner for sure…


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