“Look, Mom! There’s a car in that garage!!”

That was the impetus for getting ourselves together to join in on the neighborhood yard sale today. My child thinks it’s odd to see a car in a garage instead of a bunch of junk. While this all may be useful junk that includes swimming apparati, yard tools, and vanities that Todd got at a great price from Home Depot six years ago, the hard reality is that it’s still junk. And the fact that it has the ability to completely fill a 25×22 garage and turn it from a car receptacle into a storage unit is beyond ridiculous. Still….we are where we are.

After going through every last bag, box, and bucket of clothing we owned last fall, we organized all the clothes into sizes by gender and had a very successful two weekend sale that made us a lot of money. There was still so much left, however, and back in the garage it went. Fast forward through the winter and early spring and imagine us climbing over the boxes in the garage and even–gasp!–adding to the unholy mess. When we heard about the neighborhood sale, we thought it would be a great opportunity to have a sale where most of the advertising was done for us.

Our buckets overfloweth!

It didn’t take more than a half a day to get our ducks in a row, so to speak, to be ready to go the next morning. We had everything clearly marked and easy to get to; the only problem was we couldn’t find shade for everyone and today was a blazing hot one. The weather and sun beating down didn’t seem to stop our potential customers, however, and except for a couple quiet times, we had mostly constant traffic. Even though we still have clothes and some other things left over, we made some good progress on cleaning out the space where cars are intended to park. And when you have a thirteen year supply of clothes built up, that’s a lot to unload!

Patrick hanging out waiting to make a sale or two.

We had good traffic almost all day...


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