Attention students: Today’s class will be meeting outside

As seems to be the annual normal course in Kentucky, we catapulted directly from cool and rainy into the heat of summer. Since Saturday it’s been H-O-T, and today (according to our trusty weatherman) was the first day to reach the 90s. What better way to celebrate the heat and humidity than with a homeschool work day outside?? (I think the kids could think of a thousand better ways, but you’ll have to wait for them until they get their own blog to hear what they could be…)

After doing some reading, copywork, and multiplication fact review, everyone moved outside to see how much work we could accomplish before one of us began to melt. I must say it wasn’t too long. It was truly hot!

Patrick had received his marching orders over breakfast from Todd, so he started straghtaway on the lawn, which was in need of a trim. He has really taken a shining to mowing the lawn and I see that as nothing but a huge blessing to everyone involved. We will encourage that whenever possible!

Patrick has been a huge help this year as the resident mower.

While Patrick took care of the grass, I set the other kids to the task of dead heading the knockout roses. When we pulled up to our house after our vacation almost two weeks ago, the roses were in full bloom and absolutely gorgeous. Since then, many of them had gone through the cycle of life and needed to be removed. Surprisingly, the kids enjoyed this process without too much complaining. (I remember doing yard work as a kid and hating every. single. incident of it. I’m sorry that my parents had to put up with what had to be incessant whining and complaining. It’s come back to me in some things, but at least in the yard work arena, they seem to like it.) Here are some pictures of them working hard.

Ben working on the roses.

Dead-heading the knockouts in the extreme heat of the morning.

Brendan enjoyed the work.

Everyone fought over the pink clippers. Go figure.

We also spent some time weeding, but didn’t get anywhere near finished. Another day, another chance to clean up the beds, I suppose…

You may notice that Chloe is absent from these shots. In contrast to her siblings, who worked hard and only complained when sweat got into their eyes (and by golly, it didn’t take long for that to happen!), Chloe spent most of our yardwork time today laying on the floor inside, moaning/singing “It’s soooooo hooooooot outsiiiiiiiide……” I just let her go, figuring that at some point, she’d probably join us either to ask for a job or complain more. She did both.

After working for as long as we could stand it, we retreated back inside to bask in the coolness of the house, had some lunch, and in the hottest part of the afternoon, we donned our sunscreen and took a trip to the Y for a refreshing dip in the pool. It was heavenly. I tried to take pictures, but these sad excuses for photgraphic memories are all I came up with. Suffice to say that the water was wonderful and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Chloe prefers to look away from the sun.

Exit May, stage left, enter June. Bring on the summer!


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