Derby Day predictions

One of my favorite times of the year to live in Kentucky is Derby Week, when that seems to be all anyone talks about. (In case you wondered, my most favorite time of the year is March and the madness that accompanies it.) Usually, though, we’re not in Kentucky for the Derby because we’re on vacation, but this year, it timed out so that we are. Yesterday when I got my hair cut at The Winner’s Circle salon, the talk was all about The Oaks and The Derby. As you may have guessed, the owner of the salon is a horse person and owns and races horses, but apparently her clientele also are big into the sport. Or….maybe everyone is at this time of year around here. The grey-haired ladies greeted each other with “Happy Oaks Day!” and “Happy Derby Eve to you!” and it was all but the sole topic of conversation. It was very cute to hear, especially as one who had grown up a Yankee from the North.

Without further adieu, my pick to win the Derby today is PANTS ON FIRE. What a great name for a horse!! Not only does it remind me of one our favorite cult movies from MST3K, Manos: the Hands of Fate, it’s also a common phrase I now say to the kids, as in “Unless your pants are on fire, you had better not stop cleaning your room!” or other some such nonsense.

So there it is. No betting lines, no odds and favorites, no reports on how the horse rose to greatness. I’m picking Pants on Fire to be the first Triple Crown winner since I was born…..a lotta years ago……simply because I believe great names beget greatness.


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