Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink…

On the whole, I love our house. We’ve been here for almost nine years now, and despite the fact that the two bathrooms on the main floor desperately need updating and some outside work that apparently isn’t going to fix itself, and there are always projects and other things that need to be done, it’s a great house in which we have a lot of memories. The one thing none of us likes, however, is that usually once or twice a year, the backyard turns into a giant pond where rain runoff collects. Thankfully, the first (or one of the first) things Todd did to the house after we bought it was to have a dry basement installed. The B-Dry people came right after Ben was born and jackhammered around the entire perimeter of our basement for a couple days. This is memorable not only because for the two days that there was a jackhammer (with an average decibel level of 130), it prevented us from carrying on normal conversation, but also Ben the newborn would sleep for as long as the jackhammer did its work and would wake up in a start whenever it quit. Not humorous at the time, but nine years later, it’s quite funny to think about.

In any case, that temporary discomfort was well worth it so that now when we have the water in our backyard, the dry basement does its job. Other than one episode over Memorial Day weekend in 2004 (which I’ll save for another blog post), it has performed marvelously. Every time I hear the water pouring into the sump, though, and the pump kick on, it still makes me nervous. I’m happy to report that it seems we made it through one more water event unscathed, though. Earlier in the week received almost four inches of rain in the Lexington area and, since the ground was already saturated from earlier rain, it just couldn’t keep up. Here are some pictures of what our backyard looks like:

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As of last night, the pumps had slowed way down and the amount of water they had to kick out had reduced dramatically. The water level in the yard had gone down a bit this morning, but it still almost reaches the trampoline mat. There’s a lot of water to get rid of out there, and the weather forecast is calling for almost 2 more inches of rain to fall tomorrow! I guess we’ll get another chance to hear the wonderful sound of the pumps in action yet again.

Here’s a shot of the pump on the corner of the house (which is housed under the stairs to the basement) in action. Imagine all of that water in our library and throughout the entire basement. Astounding and heart-wrenching to even think about.

One of the “benefits” of having a pond in the backyard, however, is that wildlife is almost instantly attracted to it. We usually have lots of ducks swimming out there, but this time we got to enjoy a gaggle (how many exactly does it take to make a gaggle!?) of geese (or goosen, as my kids now call them thanks to Brian Regan’s hilarious skit that you can watch if you click here. He actually talks about moosen, so I have to give the kids credit for branching out to other animals.) swimming while we ate dinner. Here’s a video of the kids throwing bread to the goosen:


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