The Redhead takes matters into her own hands…

At the beginning of the year, WordPress put out an article regarding how to be a better blogger in 2011. One of their ideas was to have a goal of blogging every day. While I thought that sounded great, I have failed miserably at it. Perhaps it’s because life is rather busy around here without taking time out every day to write about our adventures, but perhaps even more, I think it’s because I feel like I have to wait until I have something “blog-worthy” to write about. If I can move away from waiting and just capture the everyday experiences, I bet the end result will not only be more posts, but a more accurate description of what life was really like at any given time in our family.

To that end–and even though I didn’t take any pictures of the event–earlier this week, Chloe had the inevitable rite of passage that it seems most little girls go through at least once: she cut her own hair. Like her sister before her, and apparently like so many others, she thought it would be a good idea to trim those pesky little flyaways that kept getting in her line of sight. Or something like that.

I still remember when Hannah tried it out for herself. In fact, I know exactly when it was. The year was 2002 and it was precisely a week before we traveled to Michigan for my cousin’s wedding. I remember flipping out when I discovered what she had done because I knew that my entire family was going to be at the wedding and I didn’t want my daughter to have whacked out hair. (Now I realize that I had gone just a tad overboard, but hey….at the time…devastation!) We lived in a duplex at the time, and Hannah took her naps in our guest room upstairs where she had a quiet room to herself. Though she was halfway to five years old, there were some days when she didn’t take her afternoon nap. That Saturday was one of those days. I don’t remember how she smuggled the scissors into the room with her, but it was her habit to take a few stuffed animals to naps, so that day she had her large Clifford dog, a Barbie doll or two, and probably a few other smaller stuffed animals. When I went into the bedroom, I quickly saw that it had been “hair cutting day” in the room. Clifford’s yarn hair was everywhere, as were the dolls and other animals. Then I saw Hannah’s hair: she had cut a huge chunk from the side of her head. Flipping out doesn’t even approach my reaction if I’m being honest, but she never attempted to cut her hair again. Amazingly, the wedding trip went off without her chunk of hair and most likely no one even noticed that she had any hair missing at all. The ony thing that was missing was my perspective on the entire event. Ahhh, the advantage of experience….Or so one would think…

Chloe's time saving idea: Cut bangs really short to save on the number of times they have to be cut.

Fast forward to this past week. I took Hannah over to Stephanie’s for a quick bang trim, and at the last minute, Chloe tagged along with us. It was a quick trip and I honestly thought Chloe was paying more attention to the fish tank in Stephanie’s room than anything else happening. That may not have been the case, however. I had sent Chloe and Andrew to their rooms to get ready for a bath, when a few minutes later, Patrick came out to announce that Andrew had cut her hair. You would think that I would have learned my lesson several years ago with Hannah, but history has a tendency to repeat itself and I went off the deep end again. This is when it gets funny-ish, though. When I interrogated Andrew about what had happened, he vehemently denied having cut her hair, which only served to irritate me more. As I really tried to keep my anger in check, I questioned him again. Finally, in a very small voice, he confessed, but not how I was expecting: “Ummm….I tried to cut it, Mom…. But the scissors wouldn’t go through her hair. I couldn’t get the scissors to work!!” (insert blank look first here, followed quickly by amused realization) When I asked Chloe, her response (like a good three-year-old-deflection should go) was, “It was Andrew’s idea!!!” She most likely got frustrated that he couldn’t make the cut, so to speak, and took matters into her own hands, chopping at least an inch off the very center of her bangs. I think she was moving to cut the longer part of her hair when Patrick found them, and I’m thankful that she didn’t get any further! We had a good, long talk about how it’s never a good idea to cut your own hair (after I’d had a similar conversation with Drewbie about how children don’t cut other children’s hair–a variation on a theme, if you will), and then I tried to fix it. I’m a miserable failure at bang-trimming, too, so I ended up calling Stephanie to come to the rescue once more. Chloe got one more important lecture from Stephanie about how we never cut our bangs (“I had to go to school for a very long time to learn how to cut hair!” she warned while rasing one eyebrow at me–the perpetual “I’ll-just-take-a-little-bit-off-these-until-my-next-cut-and-she’ll-never-know” trimmer), and Steph did the best she could with what she had to work with. Only time will tell, of course, but I do believe Chloe will not be playing barber shop for a while.

And the best up-side to the whole thing? We won’t have to trim her bangs any time soon!

A face that gives away a bit of her mischievous side...maybe just a little...


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  1. Anna
    Mar 13, 2011 @ 16:50:30

    I am reminded of Hannah with really short bangs when I see the “after” picture. Cutie!


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