Valentine’s Day=Chocolate Covered Strawberries

We don’t usually do a lot to celebrate or mark Valentine’s Day around here. After all, if our kids don’t know that we love them every day of the year, will buying them a bunch of gifts or a lot of candy on one day really make it up to them or make them believe otherwise? Todd and I have gone through phases of celebrating, too, but on the whole since he is about 99.9% unmushy and I’m not excited to push him to do things he’d rather not (nor have I really ever been a fan of expecting gifts because I’m told that I should), Valentine’s Day is mostly an observed holiday in our home. One commercial I’ve seen several times this year has almost caused me to go apoplectic is the Helzberg Jewelry commercial where the woman exclaims (as she’s wearing new jewelry): “And that’s how I know I’m loved.” If by “loved,” you mean in a superficial, hold it in your hand and eventually leave it in your jewelry drawer kind of way, then well, I guess I’m not “loved,” and yet, I know I’m loved by my husband of almost 15 years, and I pray my kids know they’re loved by us. Not because we get them STUFF, but by telling them and showing them in many different ways.

But also, Valentine’s Day isn’t about ranting either. One thing we have made a tradition, however, is making and eating chocolate covered strawberries! The kids love them and start reminding me that it’s what we do for Valentine’s Day way back in January, just so I won’t forget. This year I bought three pounds of good looking strawberries and let them go to town. This is the kind of tradition we all can get behind. Can’t hardly wait for dinner!

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