My response to Patrick’s “blovel” moniker…A short and sweet post

Although the kids aren’t interested in every post I add to the blog, they all enjoyed reading through the chronicles of the day I tried to get the planets lined up, so when I added the most recent adventures, I thought they would appreciate that too. Not so much, actually. Patrick started whining and complaining as if his eyes were bleeding and kept asking, “How long IS this!?!” (Truth be told, 2700 words is not that much, in my humble opinion…) After that I received intermittent razzing about the story length and my blog posts in general, Patrick coined what he thought was an original word. “Mom, you’re writing a blovel!” Not exactly, but it was humorous.

Therefore, I dedicate this post to Patrick. This morning, while we’re trying to work on multiplication, areas of circles, subtracting money, and other math-related topics, Chloe sat in the other room belting out her rendition of “O Clementine.” Here it is below….that is, until she got camera shy. Patrick is actually the videographer of this short clip as well.


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